Thomas Ravenel Tweets He's Sick Of Carrying 'Stupid' 'Southern Charm' So 'Idiot' Co-Stars Can Get Paychecks

Karen de Wilde

Does Thomas Ravenel regret returning to Southern Charm for its third season? A tweet that he posted on Tuesday evening sure makes it seem that way.

It also seems as if Thomas considers himself the big star of the show. Thomas tweeted that he's sick of carrying the "stupid" show" so that some "idiots" can get some paychecks instead of relying on their parents for money.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Thomas, who starred on both the first and second seasons, wrote on his Facebook page in July 2015 that the chances of him doing another season of the show were the same as the chances of a donkey winning the Kentucky Derby. Obviously, since he's featured as a starring cast member for Season 3, Thomas changed his mind.

"I would say to Shep, instead of trying to f**k every girl in Charleston, why not take a look at the girl, you know, admire and adore, who is sitting right over here. I would say to Cameran, I have three sisters and you remind me of them, all self-righteous and judgmental, sanctimonious. Okay I want to say one thing to Landon, you've been a little catty, a little disrespectful towards Kathryn, the mother of my child. I would like for you two, I would like for you two to be friends, it's your fault more than anyone else's."
"How much money is your mommy giving you?"

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]