March 29, 2016
WWE Rumors: Big Star Undergoes Successful Surgery, But Will Miss 'WrestleMania 32' -- How Long Will He Be Out?

WWE has had to deal with injury after injury in the past year, and it's not like they need anything else to go wrong. Luckily, a few big names are coming back soon and that's one good sign, but it hasn't stopped the injury bug from claiming another victim. Luke Harper suffered a freak injury of some kind on Monday Night Raw last week, and he has now undergone successful surgery, but how much time will The Wyatt Family member be out.

WrestleMania 32 is on Sunday, and there are a number of superstars who won't be in action or even at the event at all. John Cena definitely won't be wrestling, but it is highly speculated that he will be there in some capacity and show up on camera.

As for Luke Harper? Well, the good news is that he didn't have a match scheduled at WrestleMania 32, and his surgery was a success, according to WrestleZone.

At this point, it really isn't even known what his injury is or just how serious it may actually be.

Last week after Monday Night Raw, there was an 8-man tag match involving The Wyatt Family, and Harper went down almost immediately with an injury. WWE officials came out to the ring to check on him and they helped him backstage.

Once he was backstage, Harper was placed in a wheelchair and immediately taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Obviously, it was serious enough to merit surgery, and he's going to be out for quite some time.

wwe rumors luke harper surgery the wyatt family time out wrestlemania 32
[Image via WWE]For the past couple of months, Luke Harper hasn't really been in any kind of feud or program of his own. He's been involved in whatever is going on with The Wyatt Family, and most recently he's been there for all their torment of Brock Lesnar.

It is rumored that The Wyatt Family will still have something to do on Sunday at the big pay-per-view even though they aren't scheduled to as of Tuesday. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman could take part in the third Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, especially the latter two.

There are also rumors that The Wyatt Family is going to interfere in the No Holds Barred Street Fight between Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar. If they do, it will set up the upcoming feud between Lesnar and Bray Wyatt.

wwe rumors luke harper surgery the wyatt family time out wrestlemania 32
[Image via WWE]Now, if they do go after Lesnar in the Street Fight, they will have to do it without Luke Harper. It's known that Lesnar can hold his own against a mob, but the Wyatts can still outnumber him greatly even without Harper.Harper's injury only adds to the long list of WWE superstars that have gone out over the past months. Some are set to return soon, but others are still out for months.Some are back already and Bray Wyatt had also just missed 10-14 days with a back injury, but it wasn't serious. Now, another member of The Wyatt Family is out, and knowing he had to have surgery, it will be a few months until he is back in action.

WWE really doesn't need to have anything else go wrong right now, and that is especially with WrestleMania 32 less than a week away. One good thing for them is that Luke Harper wasn't scheduled for a match, but if The Wyatt Family was to get a big push soon, it could cause a problem. Hopefully with his successful surgery, he won't be out too long.

[Image via WWE]