WWE Rumors: Yet Another Longtime TNA Star Leaving The Company -- To Reunite With Tag Team Partner In WWE?

Danny Cox

As if TNA Impact Wrestling needed any other issues or things to deal with, it looks like another longtime star is about to depart the company. Yes, they have already seen the departures of Eric Young, Ken Anderson, and Bobby Roode in the last month, and Angelina Love is done as well. No real word on if any of them are heading to WWE, but rumors of Love going there just heated up, with news that Velvet Sky's contract with TNA expires soon.

According to PW Insider, both members of The Beautiful People are about to be free agents, as Velvet Sky's contract with TNA is set to expire sometime in the next month. The exact amount of time left isn't known, but it is said to be three to four weeks.

Sky has been with TNA since 2007 and is one of the best sellers of TNA merchandise as she trails only Jeff Hardy in that category.

For now, it isn't known how TNA will deal with any storylines involving her as they just finished taping weeks worth of shows. That was when Roode and Young ended with the company, and they are officially done.

No real word has been said on whether or not Velvet Sky will go to WWE, but the rumors are already starting to fly. One thing on her side is that she is very talented in the ring and a great personality that WWE would love to have in their Divas division.

Another thing adding fuel to that fire is that her boyfriend, Bubba Ray Dudley, is also in WWE; he returned to the company back in August. Not saying he would, but it's possible that he could put in a good word for his girlfriend if she wanted to head to WWE.

Back in October, Wrestling Inc. reported that Bubba Ray had spoken on Sky joining WWE and becoming the valet for the Dudley Boyz and even given a name as the "Duchess of Dudleyville." It was just talk and nothing more, but Sky does often tweet things that are very WWE-related.

So excited for my man, @BubbaRayDudley ❤️ & @TestifyDVon as they return to @TheGarden 2nite to make history! #WWEMSG pic.twitter.com/SRf9TpDO7w

— ✨Velvet Sky✨ (@VelVelHoller) October 3, 2015

Some fans were not happy that she was reportedly "pandering" to WWE while still under contract to TNA. She would often respond to the tweets of fans accusing her of pandering and simply say she was supporting her boyfriend and they don't know what really happens on the "inside."

With her time in TNA soon coming to an end, there could be some big plans in the works if WWE really wanted them to be. Angelina Love is already done with TNA, and there are rumors she could also go to WWE. If both went, there could be a reunion of The Beautiful People.

As the Divas division grows in WWE, bringing in two popular and talented stars like The Beautiful People would only help matters. If WWE did sign Love and Velvet Sky, though, and used them in their old gimmicks, some changes could be made.

WWE is huge on their anti-bullying stance, and one of the things that The Beautiful People were known for in TNA were acts that may be considering bullying. They would put people down and place bags over the heads of other Knockouts with faces that were drawn on the outside.

For now, any talk of Velvet Sky going to WWE is nothing but speculation, but a lot of things are there saying it is very possible. Her TNA contract is up soon, and her boyfriend is already signed with another promotion. Maybe The Beautiful People will show up in WWE soon, or they could try to take over NXT.

[Image via TNA]