Michael Phelps Goes Clubbing With Gold Medals

michael phelps

What would you do if you just won your 22nd Olympic medal? Well, if you’re Michael Phelps, you’d go out clubbing.

The most decorated athlete in Olympic history (18 gold medals) brought his Olympic hardware out to a club in London.

TMZ reports that Phelps, and a duffle bag full of Olympic Medals, hit the clubs in London a few hours after the US Swimmer competed in his last Olympic race.

The American swimmer was photographed with a bag full of medals, a mysterious and beautiful blonde, and a huge smile as he drove around the city in a big SUV.

What do you think of Michael Phelps partying with his gold medals?

Celebrating with trophies and medals is pretty common for athletes. The Stanley Cup always sees a raucous party every year and this year, Miami Heat stars Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh celebrated their NBA Championship with a night out a club in Miami.

Phelps will probably spend a few more days celebrating his spectacular Olympic career, but when the celebration is over, Phelps will probably head back to the pool. The American swimmer confirmed that his competitive swimming days are over, but Phelps said that he is going to make sure that he doesn’t get out of shape now that he’s done training for world events.