Bob McDonnell Dodging Questions On Possible VP Pick [Video]

Bob McDonnell Dodging Questions On Possible VP Pick

Bob McDonnell could be a strong pick for running mate to Republican nominee Mitt Romney, but if he is in consideration for the vice president slot, McDonnell isn’t saying it.

The Virginia governor dodged questions this weekend over whether he is in consideration for the VP slot, the Virginia-based reported. McDonnell appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, and even though he is said to be on Mitt Romney’s shortlist, McDonnell deflected host Bob Schieffer’s question about the slot.

“You know, I’m not talking about it,” McDonnell told Shieffer. “That’s up to Mitt Romney. He’s going to make that announcement soon. But I’ll tell you what. Vice presidents don’t win elections. Presidents and their candidates and their vision do.”

Bob McDonnell’s views align well with Romney’s, with the two sharing the same vision for the middle class regarding jobs, small business promotion, energy, and deficit reduction. McDonnell could also give Romney a boost in an increasingly important state. Virginia went to Barack Obama in 2008, the first time in decades that it was won by Democrats, and this year is seen as an important piece of the Electoral College puzzle for Romney.

The race between Obama and Romney is essentially a dead heat in Virginia, Bob McDonnell told Schieffer, but added that Romney has come a long way in recent months.

Bob McDonnell has been inserting himself more and more into the national race. This week he called out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for allegations Reid made against Romney, Politico reported. Citing anonymous sources, Reid claimed that Romney hasn’t paid taxes in the past 10 years, an accusation McDonnell called “reckless and slanderous.”