NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photo Shows Mars Rock Carving Of A ‘Running Alien,’ According to UFO Hunter [Video, Photos]

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered carvings on Mars rock depicting a “running man,” or more precisely, a “running Mars alien,” who may have been a Mars hunter. The UFO hunter and blogger spotted the unique extraterrestrial rock art in a photo snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian world. He draws attention to the striking similarity of the alleged Martian cave art to prehistoric “running man” cave paintings discovered at the Matobo Hills, in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.

In a recent post to his blog UFO Sightings Daily, UFO blogger Scott Waring presents to astonished blog readers a Curiosity rover photo (see below) obtained from NASA’s JPL website. The photo shows what the UFO bloggers claims is a Mars rock carving of a “running man.” The carving allegedly shows a Martian artist’s depiction of a humanoid alien, probably thousands or millions of years old. A separate rock carving shows a snake, according to Waring.–0vrGGh2g

Waring argues that the rock carving presents undeniable evidence of advanced ancient life and culture on Mars. The UFO blogger accuses skeptics of hypocrisy because while they dismiss the latest “evidence” of extraterrestrial art on Mars they accept nearly identical evidence of prehistoric culture on Earth.

“I came across [a Mars rock] that had carvings on it. One of the carvings depicts a running man. The other shows a snake.”

Running man from Mars rock carving Alleged carving of “running alien” on Mars rock. Note striking similarity to Matobo prehistoric painting of “running man” in YouTube video above [Image via NASA/JPL]He cites the example of prehistoric “running man” paintings found on cave rock in the Matobo (Matopo) National Park in Zimbabwe and uploads a photo of the famous paintings to YouTube (see video above) for comparison. The prehistoric rock paintings discovered at Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, are believed to be at least 13,000 years old.

Waring draws attention to the striking similarity between the alleged “running man” rock carvings on Mars and prehistoric cave paintings found in Matobo. Two human figures depicted in the Matobo cave paintings are armed. The similarity between depictions of “running men” in the Matobo cave paintings and the “running man” in the alleged Mars rock carving is clear, but may not be sufficient to convince skeptics, as Waring acknowledges.

The UFO blogger wonders why scholars who are unanimous that the Matobo cave paintings represent prehistoric big-game hunters reject the proposal that identical features on Mars rock constitute evidence of ancient life and culture on the Red Planet.

He writes, “Here on Earth we don’t dismiss [such cave art] when we see them, however, just because its Mars, and the fact that I am not a government employee is enough to make most people say I’m wrong.”

'running man' on Mars “Running Alien” rock carving discovered on Mars, according to UFO hunters [Image via NASA/JPL]To prove that he did not alter the image digitally, Waring provides a link to the raw image on NASA’s JPL website (see here). He then challenges skeptics to look at the evidence without prejudice and come to an independent conclusion.

“This is a photo from a government source, and it’s a non-biased object [taken by a Mars rover],” Waring writes. “It [the robotic rover] has nothing to hide or to gain. Therefore, to dismiss this evidence is to turn your back on reasoning.”

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have claimed discovery of ancient carvings on Mars rocks. In October, 2014, the YouTube UFO hunter UFOvni2012 announced discovery of rock carvings on Mars that allegedly resemble ancient rock carvings on Earth. According to the UFO hunter, petroglyph or rock engravings photographed on planet Mars by Curiosity’s Mastcam on August 31, 2014, were similar to ancient historic rock carvings archaeologists have found on Earth.

“The petroglyphs engraved in the rock on Mars look like human figures. This puts some exciting possibilities into play,” UFOvin2012 comments. “How was the same image created on Mars and on Earth? Does this suggest travelling alien artists?”

UFOvni2012 also announced in November, 2015, discovery of evidence of ancient life on Mars after spotting alleged hieroglyph-style carvings on Mars rock that appeared to show a UFO and a humanoid female.

Enthusing over the discoveries, Waring prophesied at the time that the era of skepticism about ancient civilization on Mars would soon end because the latest discovery was a “writing on the wall” for skeptics.

“This writing is finally the absolute proof that we need [that ancient Mars aliens] were intelligent enough to have written language,” he declared.

“This writing is finally the absolute proof that we need [that ancient Mars aliens] were intelligent…”

He concluded grandiosely, “History is being made here folks… this is something special.”

The latest alleged discovery of alien art on Mars comes soon after the Inquisitr reported that Indian archaeologists discovered 10,000-year-old prehistoric rock paintings that appear to depict “aliens and UFOs.”

The paintings were found in remote caves in the rural Charama region of Bastar in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. According to the Times of India, archaeologists confirmed that the mysterious cave paintings appear to include depictions of armed humanoid beings wearing spacesuits. Some of the “alien beings” are shown standing beside saucer-shaped crafts strikingly similar to the depiction of UFOs in Hollywood movies, according to Indian archaeologist J.R. Bhagat in an interview with the Times of India.

“The fan-like antenna and three legs of vehicle’s stand clearly show a similarity to a UFO-type craft.”

The archaeologist also noted that villagers in the area recall old religious cult traditions centered around worship of the beings depicted in the paintings and old legends that claim the beings, called “Rohela People,” (“small-sized ones”) used to land in flying saucers to abduct locals.

The prehistoric Indian cave paintings, and similar discoveries in other parts of the world, have caused UFO researchers to declare that prehistoric and ancient historic peoples had seen extraterrestrial visitors with advanced technology who visited Earth in ancient times.

Similarly, UFO hunters believe that Mars once had bustling humanoid alien civilizations very similar to Earth’s, and that the civilizations were wiped out millions of years ago by hostile alien invaders armed with thermonuclear weapons.

[Image via NASA/JPL]