Choking Baby Saved By McDonald’s Restaurant Workers [Video]

A baby who was choking in a McDonald’s restaurant was saved thanks to the quick response of the staff and customers at the fast-food eatery in this heart-wrenching video.

The incident occurred in Sydney, Australia, last month (the video has just been released). Her understandably frantic parents rushed baby Nevaeh who had stopped breathing to the front counter to try to get help.

According to London’s Daily Mail, the 14-month-old was choking on a “crisp”–which may mean a French fry as they often call it in the U.K.

With Nevaeh lying on the counter of the fast food shop, people rub her back energetically in order to try and dislodge the chip…

Restaurant manager James Hatcher [said] that when he started trying to dislodge the chip, 14-month-old Nevaeh was already turning blue…

Emergency staff gave instructions over the phone to some of the McDonald’s staff members…

The youngster eventually started breathing again after three long minutes for the parents.

Doctors determined that a seizure caused the baby to start choking. Nevaeh was kept in the hospital overnight for observation but was discharged the next day and is apparently doing fine.

McDonald’s issued an award to the staff for helping to save the life of the baby.


McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest chain of franchise fast food restaurants, serving approximately 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.

McDonald’s food is a guilty pleasure that in moderation probably won’t kill you–99 percent of the time, anyway.

Watch the video of McDonald’s staff and customers coming to the aid of the choking baby:

[Image credit: NNECAPA]