Ryan Reynolds Plays Up ‘Batman V Superman’ And ‘Deadpool’ Rivalry On Instagram

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool, took advantage of the opening weekend of Batman v Superman to promote his own film. Seeing how Batman v Superman has been getting abysmal reviews, this might be a good thing for Ryan Reynolds!

The Deadpool actor posted a picture on his Instagram that paid tribute to the most anticipated superhero movie of the year.

Happy St. Paddy's day from our pal @mutant101

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Seeing how Batman v Superman had the “biggest all-time worldwide opening box office of the superhero genre at $420 million,” according to Forbes, this might be a good movie for Ryan Reynolds to be connected to for a while.

The same article reports that “[o]f all films regardless of genre, Batman v Superman had the fifth-biggest overseas opening weekend in history.”

But the movie has not been received as well critically. As of right now, it has 28 percent freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian review headline reads, “Every single thing that is wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Vanity Fair wrote, “Batman v Superman Asks Some Provocative Questions, but Forgets to Answer Them,” and the Daily Beast declared, “‘Batman v Superman’ Review: Even Wonder Woman Can’t Save This Unholy Mess.”

It’s safe to say that the plot, character development, and movie crafting did not elevate the run-of-the-mill superhero tale to a different level.

In this particular case, the production houses won with their hefty box office earning.

So where does Ryan Reynolds come in? The fact that he recently starred in one of the most well-received superhero movies means that he is ready to cash in big for the Deadpool sequel that is in the works. In fact, some critics have already begun to see how Ryan’s success lies in reviving the superhero film genre.

“Fans may be lining up to see Batman V Superman this weekend, but I think the more interesting pair-off is Ben Affleck V Ryan Reynolds,” reports Deadline. “Reynolds’ hilariously blasé performance in Deadpool re-ignited his career.”

Despite the fact that “Reynolds decided to take a flyer with Deadpool because several of his ‘serious’ pictures had tanked,” he probably didn’t expect to strike gold with the movie.

The success of Deadpool surprised everyone involved in the film as well as the public. And now, it has become the biggest-hitting R-rated film in history!

“Deadpool, in a development few could have seen coming, is now the top-earning R-rated movie in cinema history,” reports the Verge. “The unlikely hit, starring Ryan Reynolds as the ‘Merc with a Mouth,’ has so far earned $746 million dollars globally, putting it ahead of 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded, which earned $742 million worldwide during its run.”

The movie defeated the idea that superhero movies should appeal to a PG-13 crowd, who is more likely to be dragging their friends to see their comic book heroes come alive on the silver screen. It has even influenced “an R-rated cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to be released this summer, according to the same article.

Ryan Reynolds definitely has been enjoying the unexpected success of his movie, filling his Instagram with behind-the-scenes photos as well as pictures that mark certain milestones of the movie. He is so obsessed with promoting Deadpool that the last time that his wife Blake Lively made it onto his Instagram feed was 16 weeks ago.

Looks like if Ryan wants to make sure that he has his wife on his side, he better show her off once in a while too!

Let’s hope that the actors and producers of Batman V Superman have the sense of humor that Deadpool script writers did as they continue to get bombarded with bad reviews!

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]