‘Kristen Stewart’ Explains Reasons For Cheating In YouTube Parody Video

The comedian Laura McDonald parody video of Kristen Stewart explaining her reasons for cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders has become one of YouTube’s most popular videos today. Spoofing Kristen Stewart has become a real career boom for Laura McDonald. The comedian’s impressions of “K-Stew” are not as widely known as the Twilight series but are definitely helping McDonald garner a spot as an A-list comedic entertainer.

The Kristen Stewart parody depicts K-Stew on a couch pleading her case with Robert Pattinson as movers take boxes of his belongings out of the room. If you look closely while watching the video, you will get an extra chuckle or two from the labels on the moving boxes.

After explaining why she decided to use YouTube as a vehicle for her apology, she starts to explain the plethora of reasons why she “did it” with the Snow White and Thor director. K-Stew insists that she has really good explanations for having sex with Rupert Sanders, the principle being that “doing it” with the director will make her a better actress. The video takes viewers behind the scenes on the movie set with K-Stew.

Laura McDonald’s Kristen Stewart spoof chaacter is led to believe the director has sex with everyone on his movies to enhance their working relationship and improve performance. Unfortunately for K-Stew, everyone from the Thor actor to the make-up girl inform her that no one else on the Snow White set has “done it” with the director.

Each item on the list of humorous rationales the mock Kristen Stewart character offers to “Rpattz” for cheating on him with Rupert Sanders is funnier than the last. The four-minute Kristen Stewart parody may not help heal the emotional wounds Robert Pattinson or Liberty Ross endured after their beloveds stepped outside the bounds of their relationships, but it will likely ensure more comedy gigs for Laura McDonald.