Bob Krueger, Tom Humphrey: 'Obsession Dark Desires'---Dangerous Pilot Stalked Former Texas Congressman, Senator, And His Wife On Investigation Discovery

Bob Krueger, the former Texas senator and congressman who was stalked by pilot Tom Humphrey in the 1980's, will tell his story on ID's Obsession: Dark Desires. Each week since it premiered, Obsession: Dark Desires brings you stories of people who have become the unhealthy desire of stalkers and people obsessed. This week's episode entitled, "Campaign Trail Of Fears," will tell the story of how a Texas politician and his wife became the victims of a deranged private pilot who had more than flying on his mind. Bob and Kathleen Krueger have told their story in several magazines and documentaries.


When Bob Krueger and his wife, Kathleen hired pilot Tom Humphrey, he seemed like the perfect guy for the job. He was qualified and had a very good work ethic. The Kruegers didn't know that bringing Humphrey into their lives would turn out to be the biggest mistake they'd ever make.


In 1983, Bob Krueger was running for office, and Tom Humphrey flew him and Kathleen all over Texas while they were campaigning. Not only did he work as their pilot, he also helped the campaign staff. The other coworkers liked him, Tom seemed like a team player, and though it was odd to have the pilot helping out with mundane tasks, they chalked it up to him being very supportive of Bob Krueger.

When Bob Krueger lost, Tom Humphrey took it especially hard. Within days of Krueger bidding his loyal team goodbye, Tom Humphrey began visiting the Kruegers at their home, where he would often cry and express his immense disappointment that Bob didn't win. He then began giving them sob stories about how he couldn't find a job and didn't have a place to live. Though it seemed inappropriate, they didn't want to leave Humphrey out in the cold after he displayed such loyalty to them, so they decided to help him out by allowing him to rent the home directly in front of their home.

It seemed like a good way to help him, but it changed the course of their lives. Soon after he moved in, Tom began visiting the Kruegers 3-4 times a week without calling, even coming to the home while Bob wasn't there. Tom Humphrey also began watching Kathleen's every move, often staring at her when she'd come outside. On one visit, he scared Kathleen so bad that Bob Krueger went to Tom's home and threw him out.


Tom Humphrey moved out of the home but began a relentless campaign to make the Kruegers feel as afraid and as vulnerable as possible. The poor couple endured numerous phone calls in the middle of the night, were physically followed, and they listened to countless voicemails---some laced with profanity of the sickest kind.

The most frightening experience for Kathleen Krueger was when Tom flew his plane to the Kruegers' home, where he revved up the engine and swooped down as low as he could---low enough to shake the windows of the house. And the police were not able to do anything about it until Humphrey had personally threatened them or harmed them physically.

Bob Krueger finally got the evidence he needed after Tom Humphrey called them saying that he was going to kill them. It was then that the FBI got involved and tracked the stalker down. He was finally arrested in 1992 and served a year in prison. By the time Tom was released in 1993, Bob and Kathleen Krueger had moved to Africa, where they lived for several years. When they returned to the United States, they never heard from Tom Humphrey again.

Tom Humphrey said it was all a misunderstanding, and that he felt close to Kathleen and was hurt when they cut him off. He stated that he had no plans to contact Kathleen Krueger after he was released, according to The Victoria Advocate. Anti-stalking laws were passed in Texas because of their story.

To watch Bob Krueger's story, tune in to Obsessions: Dark Desires on Tuesday, March 28th at 9/8 pm.m central on Investigation Discovery (ID).

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