‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Shares Personal Text From Chelsea Houska Admitting She Wasn’t A Good Friend?

Leah Messer is determined to convince fans that she’s in a good place, despite the currently airing seventh season of Teen Mom 2. After being featured on the show seemingly depriving her children of food before endangering their lives by texting while driving, Leah Messer used a message from her co-star, Chelsea Houska, to prove she’s doing well.

On Instagram, after receiving tons of backlash due to her premiere episode behavior, Leah Messer shared a screenshot of a text message sent to her by Houska.

“Leah! Ugh I’m so happy. I missed you,” read Houska’s text, shared by Leah Messer on Instagram on March 28. “I’m so so so happy for you and it’s so amazing see how f—ing great you are doing and to just talk to you and hear everything from your side. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better friend through everything.”

Leah Messer used to be close to a number of her co-stars, mainly Kailyn Lowry, but after she was accused of drug use and cheating on her husband, Jeremy Calvert, which she later admitted to (she also cheated on first husband Corey Simms), the two women had a falling out.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer’s relationship with Houska appears to be doing well at this point, although it was unclear whether or not Houska approved Leah Messer’s idea to share her private text message with her many fans on social media.

“I look up to how strong you are…I couldn’t imagine pulling myself out of such a hard time like you did,” Houska’s message to Leah Messer continued. “So be proud of yourself. And know that I’m so insanely happy to see you back to yourself.”

In the caption of the screenshot of Houska’s message, Leah Messer told fans, “This gave me goosebumps the first time I read it! We ALL can work on being the best versions of ourselves and the growth after you make that decision is so amazing! Thank you @chelseahouska!! I know I’m in such a great place in my life and it makes me so happy to know it shows!!”

Throughout the first episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 7, Leah Messer appeared to be completely overwhelmed with her parental responsibilities. At one point, Leah Messer was called out by her 6-year-old daughter, Aleeah, who slammed her for being worried about everything but getting her and her sister to and from school. Aleeah also pointed out that while Leah Messer wasn’t feeding her and Ali breakfast, her dad, Corey Simms, and his wife, Miranda, always gave them breakfast before they left for school.

Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Simms, offered to help her get the children to and from school during Teen Mom 2 Season 6, but despite Leah Messer’s struggles, she refused to allow her ex to help her out, which ultimately led a judge to award Simms with primary custody in October of last year. On tonight’s episode, fans will watch as Simms learns of the ruling about one year after he initially filed for full custody.

In the months since Simms was awarded primary custody, Leah Messer got back a couple more days with her daughters, and the two are now involved in a joint situation with their kids.

For more Leah Messer, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7, airing on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out a clip from tonight’s new episode below.

[Photo via Leah Messer/Facebook]