Teresa Giudice Spent Easter Alone As Her Brother And Sister-In-Law Go Home To Celebrate The Holidays

Teresa Giudice was getting along with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa Gorga, but during Easter, a time when Teresa may have needed her family members the most, they were nowhere around. A source told Radar Online that Teresa spent Easter alone with her kids while her brother's family spent the holidays with Melissa's family instead.

"Teresa didn't spend Easter with Joe and Melissa. Joe and Melissa went down to the Jersey Shore with Melissa's family instead."
It is a shame that Teresa was left alone especially because she recently said goodbye to her husband Joe Giudice who has to serve 41 months in the Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institute. It has to be a hard time for Teresa, unable to see or talk to her husband whenever she wants or needs.

Melissa Gorga posted a picture of herself happily smiling on Instagram, with the caption, "Love kicking it old school in Toms River, NJ at my mamas house! Brings back memories traditional Easter Enjoy everyone. #heisrisen"

However, Teresa posted a picture of her young daughter coloring eggs for Easter. She looked bright and cheerful, as she showed off one of her newly colored eggs. Teresa captioned the picture, "Happy Easter."The source said that Melissa and Joe have taken a step back as they try to remove themselves from Teresa's life.
"It's all fake and phony for the cameras. I don't think they really care about what Teresa is going through away for the cameras. For the cameras, they are pretending to be a big, loving family. But when they aren't filming, they only tolerate each other."
Thankfully, Melissa and Joe are not the only family members that Teresa can turn to for help. She has her husband's relation and perhaps they are more sympathetic to what she is going through.
"Teresa will be leaning on Joe Giudice's sister and brother. That's who will help her for the next four years."
Recently, pictures have surfaced, taken of Teresa Giudice for the first time since Joe went to serve his prison time. According to TMZ, they are not sure on whether Teresa's sad face is for the cameras or if she really is sad.

One picture showed Teresa sitting dejectedly on a rock in the park. The other thing they noticed was Teresa's mascara was perfect. It did not look like she had cried at all because there were no traces of it down her face. One TMZ commentator said that if Teresa was really sad, she would stay in her house and she will not be seen in public for a while, and she certainly would not take a walk in the park.

Although the two TMZ commentators agreed that Teresa looked well and she looked fierce, both questioned the authenticity of her heartbreaking emotions.

Teresa could truly be sad, trying to cope with Joe's departure and the responsibilities of raising four daughters alone. Perhaps she could not stay in the house any longer with all the constant reminders of the life they shared together. Teresa may be willing to give the paparazzi a story of the way she wants people to think she feels, but when she goes back inside her house, she could be very happy and planning what she wants to accomplish while Joe is in jail.

Teresa has several ideas brewing in her mind for keeping her family with a roof over their heads. She is the sole provider and she intends to make good on her new role as a single mother. One of the ideas she has is the obvious, and that is getting back into the swing of things on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

There were various reports that Teresa wants to open her own restaurant too, but the one that is about to become a reality is her being a Yoga instructor. Teresa became interested in yoga while in jail and it helped her through the tough times. She decided that when she was released, yoga would continue to be a part of her daily routine.

Teresa told E! News, "I love yoga. It changed my life. I want to get certified, but I'm not doing it as much because I'm working nonstop." Therefore, Teresa enrolled in classes to become a yoga instructor at Nirvana located in Montville, New Jersey, and she posted a picture on Instagram showing her and other women training to become yoga instructors.

Teresa discovered her passion for yoga in jail and she wrote about her plans in her memoir, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.
"I want to come out with my own yoga DVD tape, my own yoga line. If you put out what you want, sometimes you get it. Never say, 'I can't do that,' because then you're already bringing yourself down."
On March 29, Teresa Giudice and Siggy Flicker are hosting a Ladies Night at Powerhouse Gym, where the Real Housewives of New Jersey star will talk about yoga and meditation. Siggy Flicker will talk about love, life, and happiness and there will be a question and answer period following the chat, or lecture.
Do you tink that Teresa Giudice wanted to be alone on her first Easter without Joe Giudice by her side, or did her family truly slight her and not invite her to spend time with them? What do you think about Teresa's yoga classes, is it a good idea or not? And, is Teresa Giudice truly sad, or just pretending to be in front of the cameras for some added drama and attention?

[Photo by Scott Roth/AP Images]