Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth Is Her Soulmate

The 23-year-old superstar, pop singer, and all around fun loving and accomplished personality Miley Cyrus is madly in love with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth. Miley and Liam, now 26-years-old, hooked up a while ago, but Cyrus was resistant to the idea of actually tying the knot. Not anymore, however. Cyrus has finally confirmed that she is ready for the big leap with the Australian Hemsworth, which is great news for fans. A source told Hollywood Life that Miley was completely in love with Liam, and has decided to marry him "no matter what." This is Miley's second chance with the Hemsworth brother, and she is determined to make it work. Good luck, Miley.

The source says that Miley is convinced that Liam is her "soulmate" and that they started a relationship in the first place "for a reason." The old Cyrus family achy-breaky heart strings are clearly at work here. Miley has said that "love will find a way." The Hannah Montana star isn't completely naive, however, and knows that "trouble" is just part of love sometimes. Miley has said that she will marry Liam "no matter what trouble" the couple gets themselves into.
"Miley knows that Liam is her soulmate and they got together for a reason. She truly believes love will find a way and she will marry Liam no matter what trouble they end up getting in."
The source was clear that Hemsworth did not break off the engagement with Miley, despite the rumors. "As for Liam totally breaking things off, that hasn't happened," the source tells fans. The relationship has been rumored to be going through some "strain," but the two definitely seem to want to stay together. Sources have said that both sides of the couple "know they have to make it work," which is super great news for Miley. Reports had come in claiming that Liam had caught Miley sexting one of her exes, 24-year-old Stella Maxwell. Fortunately for fans, and for the couple, these reports turn out to be bogus.
"As for Liam totally breaking things off, that hasn't happened. There is a strain but they both know they have to work to make it work. It is not over yet."
Miley Cyrus is hot, famous for partying, and has a wild nature, just like her hoedown loving country star father Billy Ray Cyrus. According to Heavy, Miley knows how to get silly!
Her antics and fun-loving nature apparently turned Liam off the relationship a bit, and Miley promised to turn it down when they got back together. However, since they have gotten back together, it looks like the Aussie superstar isn't quite getting his way.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have decided that one way to smooth the relationship is to leave all of that stress out of each other's lives and leave work at work. It's the stress of living the life of a successful, hardworking actor that got in the way of the relationship the first time, and it looks like the two have done some soul searching and learned some lessons. Hemsworth has already said that he'll always love Cyrus, and we've already seen Miley has made it clear she intends to marry Liam. The only thing in the way here is themselves, so let's hope that they can get it together and stay together.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for AIF]