'The Fosters' Spoilers, Renewal News: Heartbreak Hits And Secrets Emerge As Season 3 Wraps, Is The Show Returning For Season 4?

The Season 3 finale of The Fosters airs Monday night, and this is going to be an emotional one. As viewers saw in the last episode, Jack was killed in his foster home and given the ties this foster home had to Callie and Jude, the tragedy sets the stage for a brutal finale. There is also drama on the way related to Callie and Brandon in terms of their problematic relationship, and it sounds as if this will be quite the episode. What can fans expect in the March 28 show?

As TV Guide details, this Season 3, Episode 20 show is titled "Kingdom Come." The Fosters spoilers detail that news will spread of Jack's tragic death, and Callie is said to have an intense reaction. She has been working diligently on the Fost and Found project, as well as on foster care reform, but Jack's death leaves her shaken and furious.

Jude will be hit hard by Jack's death as well, but Fosters spoilers detail that he handles it differently. Viewers will see him turn to spirituality as he sorts through his feelings about all that has happened. He's already struggling with what happened with Connor, and he will need a lot of family support in the days ahead as he sorts through this all.

Viewers saw in the last episode that Callie was considering what would happen if Stef and Lena found about the feelings that she and Brandon have been hiding. They may ultimately pull back from telling their moms about what has happened between them, but Fosters spoiler previews indicate that the truth is about to come out anyway. This will surely be leading to major shake-ups for the family.

Also ahead in Monday's show is a gift for Mariana from Nick. It may be a sweet gesture, but Fosters spoilers indicate that this will leave her feeling guilty about what has been brewing again with Mat. The two will have an emotional talk about what has happened between them, but will this lead to a reunion? In addition, Brandon's moms will learn about Cortney's son. Despite what the family has been working through, Justina moves ahead with the Fost and Found launch party.

Will there be a cliffhanger in this last show of this batch of episodes? There may be, but luckily fans can breathe easy knowing that there is more on the way. As TVLine details, the network has renewed The Fosters for Season 4. Nobody was left hanging in this case, either, as the renewal news was announced several months back. A premiere date has not yet been released, though typically episodes debut in early June, run until August, and return again in January.

Callie's loyalties will be tested in this Season 3 finale after what has happened with Jack, and Fosters spoilers indicate that Cortney will be in a tough spot when her ex kicks her out of the apartment. The Fosters spoiler previews show Lena and Stef clearly tense over Brandon's declaration that Cortney has a son, so how will they react if Brandon goes to them looking for help for Cortney and the young boy?

Previews tease a big bang at the end of the show and everybody can expect intense decisions and confrontations. How do you think things will go in the Season 3 finale of The Fosters airing Monday night on Freeform?

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