'The Walking Dead' Finale Spoilers: Is Daryl Dixon Really Dead? The Answer Could Be Especially Frustrating For Fans

The Walking Dead is headed toward a finale that could see the death of Daryl Dixon, but spoilers indicate that fans could be in for an infuriating cliffhanger ending to the show next week.

[Warning: Potential Walking Dead spoilers are ahead]

Is Daryl Dixon dead? The question may have a more complicated answer than Walking Dead fans would like.

For fans of the show, the unthinkable may have happened in Sunday's penultimate episode of Season 6. Daryl, who had been crossed by the newcomer Dwight, who stole and later used Daryl's crossbow to kill Denise, went on the hunt for the villainous new group outside Alexandria. Glenn and Michonne tried to stop Daryl, but ended up being captured themselves and used as bait to draw out Daryl and Rosita.

Fans then heard a shot and saw a bloodied Daryl. Was it a fake-out, like earlier in the season when a horde of walkers descended on Glenn and seemingly tore him apart, only for fans to find out weeks later that it was Nicholas they saw being dismembered?

Actor Norman Reedus said that's not the case this time; Daryl was indeed shot.

"That's Daryl's blood that you see," Reedus told Entertainment Weekly. "That's exactly what happens, exactly what you see."

So, is Daryl Dixon really dead? Reedus isn't giving any insight, but does admit that Daryl Dixon has been outsmarted by the Saviors.

"Sometimes you think with your heart rather than your mind, and you're acting aggressively and you slip up when that happens," he said. "I think that was yet another moment Daryl slipped up. He paid the price."

But, even if Daryl Dixon survives the gunshot, there is still a good chance that he could die in The Walking Dead season finale. The episode will include the long-awaited arrival of Negan, who will seemingly kill one of the main characters. In the comic book, Negan forces the captive group to their knees and tells them he will kill one, then singles out Glenn and beats him to death with his barbed wire covered baseball bat.

The show's tendency to deviate from the comic -- combined with a new reality show for Norman Reedus -- have many people thinking that Daryl will stand in for Glenn in the harrowing scene.

Whatever the case, it may take fans months to learn whether Daryl Dixon is dead. Vanity Fair reported that the season finale will end on a cliffhanger, with fans not knowing which character, if any, ends up being killed.
"Fans have been guessing that it might be Abraham (spared from his comic-book fate in last week's episode), Daryl (Norman Reedus has been taking on other projects) or even a pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan got a haircut) on the chopping block in Glenn's place. Leaked finale info does indicate that Negan considers killing Maggie—who is mid-labor during the finale—just to shut her up. But according to the leak, after Negan plays a game of "eenie, meenie, miney, moe" with some of our favorite characters, the camera shifts to the victim's point of view. In other words, we'll see Negan swing the bat towards the camera and then, after the episode cuts to black, we will spend seven months arguing over which character—Abraham, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, etc.—was on the receiving end."
If the Walking Dead finale spoilers turn out to be true, then fans who just endured weeks of uncertainly about Glenn's fate earlier in the season will have a similar wait to find out if Daryl Dixon was really killed.

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