Warren Sapp Auctions Off Air Jordan Collection To Pay Child Support

Warren Sapp Air Jordans

Warren Sapp, former professional football star and NFL Network analyst, is flat broke. Although he played for 12 years and probably made a stack of cash along the way, Sapp doesn’t have much in his bank account these days. According to What The Ha-Yell, the former defensive tackle owes $6.7 million to various establishments, and that’s not including the hundreds of thousands the mothers of his children claim he owes in back support.

So what’s a man to do in a situation like this? He sells his shoe collection. The Daily Mail reports that Sapp has amassed several sneakers over the years, including quite a few Air Jordans. The “epic collection” is said to contain over 240 pairs of shoes designed by NBA legend Michael Jordan. Although you’d think Sapp would stand to make a small pile of money from his hobby, you’d be wrong. The collection’s worth: $6,500.

What’s particularly impressive about Sapp’s Air Jordan hoard is that some of the shoes haven’t been worn yet. Opportunistic collectors with an eye for Air Jordans will no doubt be all over this sale.

Hip Hop Wired got the scoop on some of the styles in Sapp’s closet, which are rumored to include Air Jordan IV “Superman” Doernbechers, Candy Cane Air Jordan XIVs, Black Air Jordan Vs and multiple Air Jordan IIIs in an assortment of different colors.

Warren Sapp filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy earlier this year, so you know the guy is in dire straits. Although it may seem a little cold to purchase shoes off a guy who is going through some rough times, prospective buyers will be delighted to know that all of the money made from the Air Jordan auction will go to paying back Sapp’s creditors. That should ease the guilt of taking those Black Air Jordan Vs off his hands.