Bathroom Boa Constrictor Mistaken For Banana

Todd Rigney - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 9:21 p.m. ET

The next time you’re cleaning house and happen across a banana in your bathroom, do yourself a favor and make sure the fruit isn’t a snake. According to MSN Now, Stacey Way, a 28-year-old mother of two from Dorset, England, thought she was removing a banana from her bathroom floor. However, when said fruit began to move around on its own, she immediately realized she was dealing with something else entirely.

Way was reportedly wiping the floor when she discovered what appeared to be a moldy banana shoved down a water pipe towards one corner of the bathroom. However, the misplaced fruit was forgotten about for three whole days. To her surprise, the object was still there, though it was protruding a bit more than it was 72 hours ago.

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“Three days later I was bathing my two little ones and wiped around the floor again when I saw that this thing was sticking out more than before but as I got closer it went back in,” Way explained to The Telegraph. “I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it. I looked closer and realised that the banana, or now snake, had a mouth.”

Since Way lives in a rental home, ripping up floorboards and dissecting the house to remove the 4-foor boa constrictor from her abode wasn’t an option. Instead, Way was instructed to leave a box containing a small amount of water near the pipe. This, according to authorities, would lure out the snake.

However, just a few hours later, Stacey noticed the boa constrictor sticking out of the bathroom water pipe once again. She quickly phoned the local reptile center, who sent someone out to properly remove the scaly intruder from the woman’s home.

“Now I think I’m seeing snakes everywhere even though we’ve filled up all the holes,” Way said. “I don’t mind snakes from a distance, but not in my bathroom.”


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