Kyle Parker Pleads Not Guilty To Rape And Murder Of Toddler Shaylyn Ammerman, Despite Confession

The Indiana "family friend" who was arrested in connection with the murder of 1-year-old baby girl Shaylyn Ammerman is facing additional charges brought against him on Monday in relation to his treatment of the toddler during the time she was missing, his failure to report her whereabouts, and her murder.

Shaylyn Ammerman, who was last seen by her family on Tuesday night in her crib, was reported missing on Wednesday and on Thursday night, 22-year-old Kyle Parker was arrested for her murder. The body of the 14-month-old toddler was discovered after numerous law enforcement agencies and volunteers had been combing the area non-stop. On Thursday night in a remote area located near to the White River, a remote section of Gosport, Indiana, close to her home, the body of the missing toddler was discovered.

Two days after Shaylyn was reported missing the girl was found dead and Parker now faces charges of child molestation, kidnapping, rape, strangulation, aggravated battery, and murder. He will also be charged with obstruction of justice, failure to report a dead body, and unlawful disposition of a body. He has been arrested numerous times before.

The hearing for the suspected murderer was held on Monday afternoon and some very disturbing facts arose out of that preliminary trial. An autopsy done on Friday showed that the murder of the little girl had been accomplished by asphyxiation. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy, Dr. Donna Stewart, told the police the rape which the toddler was subjected to was "the worst case of sexual trauma she had seen in her career." The Ammerman family is devastated.

The girl's body showed signs of multiple hemorrhages to her face, her upper left lip had a laceration, and her lower left lip had a contusion. She had also suffered from "multiple cutaneous abrasions and contusions to multiple body regions" and the child's private areas had signs of severe trauma. Fox 59 wrote that Parker also had several scratches and cuts on his arm which suggest that the toddler had tried to fight for her life. Several of Kyle Parker's friends were interviewed and they revealed that he had a penchant for violent pornography and a sexual attraction to young girls.

Court documents filed an outline that states Kyle Parker gained access to the toddler as he was a family friend who had been at her home on Tuesday night, reportedly watching television and having drinks. Adam Ammerman, Shaylyn's uncle, was present that night and says that though he was supposed to spend the night, Parker departed abruptly at around 3 or 4 a.m. Adam says he had only noticed Parker through the window as he left "carrying something."

Investigators were initially lied to and were pointed towards Adam Ammerman as a suspect for the murder when Parker tried to shift blame from himself by claiming he had been solicited to help hide the little girl's body after her uncle had killed her. Adam later passed a polygraph test, however, and when confronted with this the younger man confessed, his stepfather, who he had allegedly confessed to prior, called investigators and reported him as well. People reported that once the suspect had the 14-month-old, he drove to a secluded area and then raped her in the front seat of his car. After this, the Indiana man used a blanket to suffocate the toddler. Following the stepfather's call to the police, Parker began to cooperate more and pointed out to the police where they could find the suffocated toddler's body and that he even attempted to destroy evidence by dousing both his and Shaylyn's body in bleach.

Parker was assigned an attorney by the courts and despite his earlier confession to the murder, entered a plea of not guilty when he appeared in court on Monday. He will be held without bail with a second hearing scheduled late in May. Prosecutors have stated that due to the violent nature of the crime, they have not ruled out seeking the death penalty.

A funeral for Shaylyn is scheduled for Wednesday at the Christian Life Center in Spencer, Indiana. Visitation will begin at 3 p.m. and Chambersville Cemetery will be the site of a private burial for little Shaylyn Ammerman.

[Photo Courtesy of the Ammerman Family]