Amber Rose Posts Another NFSW Picture — It’s A Nipple, Not Her’s This Time

Amber Rose never fails to be in the news. Some time ago, she posted a picture baring her nipple with the hashtag #freethenipple. But Amber Rose has posted another very controversial picture that is not her’s but is still quite scandalous. The picture is that of a young woman sitting in what seems like a bus. The lady is looking outside the window and one of her breasts is bare, showing off a nipple.

Amber Rose put a cryptic caption with the picture “Me af????” and it’s not clear what it means. But, she sure knows how to stay in the news. But the picture has another angle to it. There is some text running over the picture, which Amber perhaps thought was a joke.

“me: my crush is walking this way omg, what do I do
friend: just act casual, be chill
me: ok ok”

Is the joke related to the picture in any way? You tell us. It seems like Amber Rose took a break from promoting her 3D character MUVA, the pictures of which she often posts on her Instagram account. The Daily Beast reported that she created the character by teaming up with Zoobe.

“Zoobe loves me, and I was really happy they reached out to me,” said Rose, who is launching “a secret app” next week.

She said she’d been trying to do something in the “digital world” and looks like with MUVA she might have gotten somewhere.

“I’d been trying to dip my hands in the digital world for so long, and this is finally my opportunity to do it,” she said.

If there is one side to Amber Rose that many are not aware of, it’s that she is also a feminist. She talked at length about slut shaming. She says a lot of people call her a “hoe” and a “slut.” She even mentions that most critics of hers are women and says that it was quite unfortunate. Rose is also a huge supporter of “SlutWalk” and told the Daily Beast what she thought about it.

“We do that to each other and it’s really unfortunate. People get turned off by the name ‘Sl*tWalk’ because they don’t really know what it is, but it’s about ownership regardless of what we’ve done in our life. I’m a grown woman—I’m 32-years-old—so I’ve obviously had sex outside of a relationship, or before I was married. I’ve dated guys in my life and realized it didn’t work out. It’s just life. You look for love and find out what you want in life. Guys do it all the time, but we get criticized for it because we’re women, and it’s bullshit.”

In the conversation with the magazine, she even compared herself to Channing Tatum and said that people never point out that Tatum was a stripper but that it always comes up that she was. She is always referred to as a former stripper, she says. She goes on to say that people also never fails to criticize Kim Kardashian either. It was rather surprising that Rose talked in favor of Kim Kardashian, who is the wife of her ex-boyfriend Kanye West.

She makes her point in one big quote.

“No one gives a f**k that Channing Tatum was a stripper. He’s an established actor who’s at the Vanity Fair parties and the Oscars, but for me, no matter how far I go in my life, I see these stories that keep referring to me as a ‘former stripper.’ No one says ‘former stripper’ about Channing Tatum, or ‘former McDonald’s worker’ about Brad Pitt. No one does that to men. And furthermore, if a man was to post a semi-nude selfie in the mirror—like The Game, for example—everyone is like, d**n, you’ve got a big d**k, or damn, you’ve got a nice body. Nobody says, damn, Kim had a f**kin’ baby and that b***h looks bangin’ as f**k! Nobody says that! They just criticize her because she’s a mom.”

Do you agree with Amber Rose?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]