Amber Portwood Bombshell: Is Matt Baier Keeping More Secrets From Her?

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been through quite the year as she returned to Teen Mom with her fiancée, Matt Baier. Matt had proposed to her, and the two have set a wedding date for this upcoming October. Even though they were happy and excited about the upcoming wedding, it sounds like Amber is learning a few things about her future husband. She's already learned that he may have more than the two children he had told her about, because Gary Shirley discovered that he was being sued for child support. But there may be more children lurking.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may be shocked to learn that Baier could have another child he doesn't want to admit to. Even though Matt has only admitted to having five kids, it is very possible that he actually has 9 children! Radar Online has dug up another case, where he is being mentioned in a case of child support.

Now, a seventh woman, Jeanette Reedy, is stepping forward with accusations that he is the father of her child. She claims that her 7-year-old daughter is indeed Matt's daughter, and he hasn't seen her since she was an infant. The single mom says she met Baier online in 2006, and the pair married after a quick courtship in January, 2007. It sounds very similar to Amber Portwood's story, as she met Matt on Twitter and the two are planning a wedding. One has to wonder if he has told her about this marriage.

"He was great at first, but then our marriage became a nightmare," Reedy, 50, has revealed about her marriage, adding, "I started to figure out that everything about him was a lie. I thought, 'What did I get myself involved in?' "

She started questioning her marriage to Baier and the two separated. "A switch went on," she remembers after she was five months pregnant, hitting her breaking point, adding, "I said, 'I have to get out.' "

The baby was born and he visited his daughter a few times. But by 2009, he was no longer coming around. He just left and he hasn't paid any child support. Teen Mom star Amber Portwood learned about the initial children that he was keeping for her. On the show, Portwood cried, telling him that he was a deadbeat dad, if the rumors were true. And she had no interest in staying with him if it was true, as she is a mother herself.

"I got so many text messages, emails and phone calls. Lots of my friends watch Teen Mom and recognized him right away," Reedy revealed after learning that Matt was on Teen Mom with Amber Portwood, adding, "I've never seen him on TV. I'm repulsed by him."

And she's shocked that he would choose to go on national television, when she has a daughter, who is getting older. She is starting to hear things, and she has called Baier "disgusting." Amber Portwood was shocked when she learned about Matt, but it sounds like she has forgiven him for lying to her about the amount of children he has.

"I was so shocked," Portwood has revealed, adding, "I didn't know what to think. Did my man have all these kids with all these women that I didn't know about? It freaked me out." One can imagine that they have talked things over after the stories came out.

What do you think about Amber Portwood possibly forgiving Matt for having nine children? How many children do you think he has and do you think she should stay with him?

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