Glenn Beck Talks Cruz Sex Scandal: ‘I Was Raped By Ted Cruz’

On Glenn Beck’s show Monday morning, Beck made a particularly strange and off-color joke about how he and his crew were all “raped by Ted Cruz,” referring to the Republican presidential candidate’s “Cuban fire” that Beck and his crew experienced during a recent interview. The rape joke comes at the top of Glenn Beck’s Monday morning show on conservative outlet the Blaze, and a bit later, Beck addresses the rumors of the supposed Ted Cruz sex scandal by suggesting that Ted Cruz doesn’t have enough game for five mistresses.

“I have to tell you, it’s been a hard Monday morning. We’ve all been raped by Ted Cruz,” Glenn Beck said during his online show this morning.

One of his co-hosts chimed in, “You can’t rape the willing, and we were all willing.”

Glenn Beck’s rape jokes were just the start of a strange soliloquy about his relationship with Ted Cruz and how much Beck and his co-hosts adore the Republican presidential candidate. Glenn Beck goes on to describe how Ted Cruz romanced him and “backed [him] into a bathroom stall” just after an interview discussing the U.S. Constitution, which, according to Beck, left him “needing a cigarette.”

“When he said to me, he said Glenn, we need a more perfect union, I thought he was talking to me about the Constitution but then he looked at me with those strong brown eyes, oh my gosh he backed me into a bathroom stall,” Glenn Beck said this morning during his online show for the Blaze.

After a series of sexual jokes about Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck addressed the elephant in the room: the so-called Ted Cruz sex scandal, which has dominated TV coverage of the Ted Cruz campaign this weekend, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Glenn Beck’s strange and oddly sexual comments about Ted Cruz didn’t stop there. Beck and his co-hosts went on to speculate about the affairs the National Enquirer claimed that Ted Cruz was involved in, reports the Daily Caller.

“If somebody had said Ted [Cruz] had one affair and it happened six years ago, I would say I don’t think so but maybe? I mean everyone makes mistakes. But I’m having this really hard time with this five women that he’s backing into bathroom and broom closets at campaign rallies,” Glenn beck said of the alleged Ted Cruz sex scandal.


Glenn Beck’s co-host jumped in and expressed his own doubts, not criticizing the logistics of the alleged affairs but whether or not Ted Cruz was charismatic enough or attractive enough to “run game” on five women at once. Glenn Beck’s co-host remarks that Ted Cruz “got lucky” with Heidi Cruz and would have a hard time winning over anyone else, reports Real Clear Politics.

“If Ted Cruz made it his life’s goal to have five affairs, he wouldn’t be capable of it. Cruz like, lucked out once with Heidi Cruz,” Glenn Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere said this morning.

Glenn Beck agreed, laughing and suggesting that having met Ted Cruz is enough to know that he’s not capable of pulling off an affair — let alone five with five different women. Glenn Beck cites a conversation he had with his wife about the National Enquirer article, and Beck’s wife reportedly laughed off the Ted Cruz sex scandal because, according to Beck, “she’s been around him.”

“I don’t mean to hurt Ted’s feelings at all, but when I told my wife, have you seen the Enquirer, she just laughed, she’s been around him,” Glenn Beck remarked on the Ted Cruz sex scandal this morning. “We’re surprised he had enough game for Heidi.”

[Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images]