Mariah Carey Denied Access To U.K. Store To Film 'Mariah's World'

Mariah Carey's new docu-series may be titled Mariah's World, but it turns out the whole world isn't exactly jumping at the chance to be featured on Carey's upcoming reality series.

According to a new report by the Mirror, Mariah was recently denied permission to film scenes for her new E! show while in London after luxury department store Harrods told Mariah that she would not be allowed to bring her film crew inside the high-end shop.

The Mirror is alleging that Harrods declined Carey's request to film inside the store last week after Mariah was supposedly looking to give one of her friends a makeover at one of the luxury makeup counters for the show in front of the camera.

However, the site is alleging that Harrods' employees felt Mariah and her crew would cause too much of a commotion if she began filming for Mariah's World in the beauty department, and so they turned down her request to bring her crew into the store.

"Store managers felt there would have been a lot of commotion, which would be really disruptive to the shop's staff and customers," the Mirror's insider admitted. "Mariah's entourage would have been in the dozens and there's no way usual trading could have gone on. They also couldn't open the store especially for her to film outside of opening hours."

While the site didn't reveal where Mariah instead opted to film for Mariah's World, the Mirror confirmed that Carey and her team instead "had to look for alternative locations for the shoot" around London for the reality show.

Reports that Mariah was denied access with her crew to one of London's most luxurious department stores comes just days after the Sun claimed that Carey and her team had been asking U.K. fans to sign a pretty bizarre waiver to appear on the upcoming E! docu-series.

According to the site, Mariah's waiver ensured that the producers of Mariah's World would not be legally responsible in the case of "tortious acts, invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, wrongful death... or defamation."

The Sun also alleged last week that those who signed the legal waiver to appear on the series also allowed the production company to show them "in a fictional manner with a different voice" but supposedly didn't actually pay too much attention to what they were signing.

The site claimed that Mariah's fans were so excited at the possibility of appearing on Mariah's World that they were not "paying attention to what they were signing" and even claimed that the waiver was a case of "Hollywood lawyers literally asking people to sign their life away."

"People could get a bit of a shock if they turn up on her reality show coming across totally differently to how they normally are. It's a bit sneaky," the Sun's insider, who claimed to have seen the waiver Carey's team has been giving fans, alleged. "Clearly there's nothing that goes on during filming that could result in injury, let alone death."

E! Online previously confirmed that Mariah's World would be going ahead earlier this month, revealing that Carey's new series would be made up of eight parts.

"I'm excited to bring my fans into my life for the next journey I'm about to embark on," Mariah Carey revealed in a press release about the new show. "I'm already having so much fun with this documentary and I know you will too. There is nothing like capturing these moments."

Will you be watching Mariah Carey's new docu-series Mariah's World when it debuts on E! later this year?

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Neuro]