Selena Gomez: Is This Hot Bikini Shot Her Answer To Taylor Swift's Swimsuit Pictures?

Selena Gomez told Hello magazine that Taylor Swift has been there for her always, and that she has supported her through the years. But did Selena Gomez post the picture of herself in a bikini just to get back at Taylor Swift? The picture has Selena playing a piano and wearing a colorful peasant top and matching bottoms that are pretty skimpy. She has her boots on, and is intently playing the piano. The singer let her lovely tresses down, and enjoys playing the piano in the sunlight entering from the window.

As romantic as the pictures seem, do you think they rivaled the pictures that Taylor Swift posted while on a holiday with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris? Although Selena Gomez couldn't stop gushing about her relationship with Taylor Swift, it's clear that there is some bit of jealousy going on here. Selena has said that the "Bad Blood" singer has been with her through her thick and thin, that that she has always walked by her side. The two go back ten years! And it must not be forgotten that the two are fairly young. Taylor Swift is 26, while Selena Gomez is 23. "I've known her for ten years she's been one of my best friends through thick and thin, walked by my side. Her whole family has been so supportive of me and yeah, she's been there during crucial points in my life and in my career."
Selena Gomez has said she wanted a boyfriend who is like Calvin Harris. Hollywood Life even went on to say that Gomez was happy for Taylor, and she was jealous as well, because Taylor's relationship with her boyfriend is something that Selena had always wanted for herself. Do you think this is just a way to show that jealousy?
However, if other sources are to be believed, it seems like Taylor Swift is infact very encouraging when it comes to the absence of relationship in Selena's life. "Taylor is always encouraging Selena," the insider told Hollywood Life exclusively. "She never brags about her relationship with Calvin. Instead, she reminds Selena about her own heartache and how she overcame her own obstacles and eventually met Calvin. She just tells her to keep believing that her time will come and not to settle. And most importantly, to have an open mind and heart." But still, Selena is not taking it too well. "Selena would give anything to be in a relationship like Taylor and Calvin's," an insider told Hollywood Life.
There have also been reports that Selena Gomez, infact had a bit of squabble with her BFF on the topic of Taylor's brother, Austin Swift. Inquisitr has reported that Austin Swift and Selena Gomez were apparently inseparable during the Vanity Fair Oscar party, and that Selena even ignored Taylor Swift. "There wasn't one time that I didn't see them (Selena and Austin) together. Granted, Taylor was also with them, but at one point it was just the two of them dancing while Taylor was dancing with Lorde and Brie Larson. Selena and Austin weren't holding hands or anything like that, but they do make a good looking couple, and they looked like they were having a great time together," an eyewitness told Hollywood Life exclusively.

Taylor Swift posting loved up pictures of herself with her boyfriend certainly did not help things a lot. Do you think Selena Gomez's bikini picture is an answer to Taylor Swift's pictures? Do you think Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift would continue to be in a cold war until Selena finds the love of her life?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]