'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam Pushes To Remember, Quinn Scrambles, Katie Makes Empty Promises, And Wyatt And Steffy Prepare To Wed

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that this will be a big week of action. Wyatt and Steffy are planning a beachfront wedding, but Liam is finally starting to piece together some tidbits from his past. Katie's drinking issues are escalating, and she is scrambling to cover this up with Bill. Where are things headed during the week of March 28?

During Monday's show, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that Katie's issues will lead to intense drama. Previews show her calmly talking with Bill about the discussions she has had with her therapist. She talks about how she knows she has been depressed, and she says she is not going to be drinking any longer.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this drinking hiatus of Katie's does not last long. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that right on the heels of this, Katie ends up in a fit of hysteria, and previews for the week show her envisioning Bill and Brooke flirting and getting quite intimate.

Katie loses her cool, and there will be more drinking. As the week continues, she will be begging Bill to help her keep a secret, probably about the drinking, but will Brooke help her on this front? According to Soap Central, Katie will be trying to get amorous with Bill, seemingly on Tuesday's show. However, he puts a halt to things and has some tough questions for her.

Liam has been focusing on the photo albums Quinn had Deacon create, and viewers saw that he started to have just the tiniest of flashes about his previous life. He had not pieced together anything significant related to Steffy yet, but fans could see he was close. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that during Monday's show, he will talk to Quinn about how he feels he is close to getting his memory back.

Naturally, this will set off alarms for Quinn, as she is desperate to keep Liam from remembering who he is and what has happened in his past. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that he will become suspicious as the week continues, thinking that Quinn may be keeping things from him. He will even start seeing Steffy's face and create a sketch of it, but will that spark a flood of memories for him?

As Liam works on recovering his memory and has flashes of Steffy, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will be holding back from Quinn a bit. Wyatt will be nudging his mom to bring her new mystery man to his wedding, and he finds it suspicious when she hedges. Viewers watched as he confronted his mom about the parking lot incident with Liam, but he has had no reason to piece together that her mystery man is his brother.

Wyatt and Steffy's wedding is set to begin on Thursday's show, and on Friday, everybody will see Quinn, Ridge, and Bill talk to Wyatt and Steffy. There had been rumors floating around that Liam would show up at the last minute and break up the wedding, but it doesn't look as if things will play out quite that way.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there will be quite a bit of drama this week as Katie scrambles to save her marriage to Bill while trying to hide her drinking. Liam is getting closer to remembering the truth, and Quinn will surely be frantic as he edges ahead.

Will Wyatt and Steffy get married before Quinn's scheme falls apart? When will viewers see more of Deacon and what happened after his fall over the cliff? There are juicy episodes ahead this week, and Bold and the Beautiful viewers won't want to miss a minute of the action.

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