‘The Young And The Restless’: Michael Baldwin Faces Being Disbarred For His Role in Betraying Victor Newman–What’s Next For The Hot Shot Attorney?

What will happen to Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) now that he’s betrayed the great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)? The Young and the Restless gossip is buzzing about what could happen to Genoa City’s most ruthless attorney. It seems to be pretty much a given that Mr. Baldwin will lose his license and have to reassess what he wants to do with his career. Is it possible that Victor will have pity on him, and step in to save Michael’s career?

Michael was approached by his best friend, Phyllis Abbott (Gina Tognoni), to take Victor’s case for the sole purpose of throwing it — which would send Victor straight to prison. Michael first told her couldn’t do that because it could cost him his career, but Phyllis pressed him, and eventually he caved. The plan was going well until Luca Santori (Miles Gaston Villanueva) learned of the shady plan, and exposed Michael to Victor.

Soap Opera Digest revealed that Michael learns that the Law Board fully plans to disbar him, and he has to regroup and figure out what to do with his time and launch a new career. Lauren (Tracy Bregman) finds him at the coffee house licking his wounds, apparently concerned about his future.

“He’s in shock, but trying to cover with Lauren by telling her it’s going to be great; now they can do all the things they always wanted to do. He’s trying to make the best of it so Lauren doesn’t worry about him.”

Lauren urges her husband to stand up for himself to the press and call a conference to tell his side of the story. Lauren’s thinking is that Victor will trash Michael to the media, so he might as well beat him to the punch.

“His side of the story needs to come out. Lauren doesn’t want him to be dragged through the mud. She wants him to be proactive about this and stand up for himself.”

Michael is scared to defend himself publicly against Victor because he’s seen how far Victor will do to protect his reputation. Baldwin intended to accept his fate until Lauren suggested he stand up for himself, and he considers going toe-to-toe with the Victor.

Lauren believes that Michael has a fighting chance to keep his law license and defeat Victor. Baldwin isn’t so sure, because he knows he betrayed the trust and tried to convict the same client he was hired to defend. In Michael’s mind, he’s guilty and deserves his punishment. Lauren isn’t so sure, and refuses to let Michael accept the punishment — she wants him to be able to keep his career because, without it, she fears Michael may slip into depression, and she could lose him.

“Right now, the bar is the least of their problems where Victor is concerned.”

Victor blames Phyllis for “forcing” Michael into throwing his cause by abusing her friendship with him. Victor wants revenge. However, he is busy plotting his revenge against the Abbotts right now. Michael seems to believe that Victor will come after him, and the consequences of his betrayal will be steep. Is it possible that Victor will blame Phyllis for Michael’s actions, since he put it together that she put him up to it? What will Victor do to seek revenge against Michael?

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