Yolanda Foster & Lisa Rinna Fuel Lyme Disease Feud On 'Real Housewives' & 2 'RHOBH' Stars Get Chopped

Joanne Eglash

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) has been fueled by an ongoing feud this season between Yolanda Foster and castmates who challenge her battle with Lyme disease. While some RHOBH cast members dared to doubt whether Yolanda actually had the debilitating disease, others acknowledged that Foster is ill but questioned whether she was exacerbating her symptoms in order to get more attention. Among those questioning Yolanda was Lisa Rinna, reported People.

Although Lisa tried to apologize, Foster fueled the feud by refusing to accept that apology. However, when Rinna was asked to name the best-dressed Housewife, she had a surprise for her answer.

"I think Yolanda. I think she dresses amazingly!" insisted Lisa.

Worlds collided when both Rinna and Foster were seen at a Tommy Hilfiger show, but the two avoided meeting.

However, in her blog, Yolanda expressed how she feels about Lyme disease and how others react to her condition.

"We who suffer from chronic Lyme can only ask for our loved ones to try to understand and be compassionate about this invisible disease. Thank god I am blessed with a small circle that has guided me through these years and never let go."

As for specifics on Lyme disease, Foster emphasized the struggles she has experienced since her initial diagnosis, including the recognition she received for raising awareness of the condition.

"In 2013, after a challenging two years of long-term IV antibiotics and six weeks at a clinic in Florida, I received the "Star Light" award from the Lyme Research Alliance for my advocacy and strength to light the way of Lyme disease awareness," recalled Yolanda.

However, she subsequently experienced complications, including both viral and bacterial infections. And Foster noted that although the pain was extreme, learning that two of her children also had Lyme disease made her even more determined to continue her battle.

"I honestly don't have the proper words in my English vocabulary to describe to you the darkness, the pain and the unknown hell I've lived these past four years," revealed Yolanda. "Many nights I wished to die.God... changed my destiny when my two youngest children Bella and Anwar were diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease."

Consequently, Foster felt strongly about those who challenge the pain she has experienced from chronic Lyme disease and what it involves.

"Getting chronic Lyme disease is probably the fastest way to figure out WHAT and WHO is real in your life," pointed out Yolanda.

On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Foster and her battle with Lyme disease has become one of the most controversial storylines, noted People.

But it is Yolanda and Rinna who have battled most recently, including over the claims of Munchausen syndrome. Foster was furious that Rinna raised the possibility of Munchausen syndrome in conjunction with her Lyme disease.

"The biggest f---ing blow I've ever had in my life... sorry is not enough."

As for whether Yolanda and Rinna will continue the feud on the next season of RHOBH, Radar Online cites an insider who claims that two Housewives are going to be axed from the show.

"Producers are casting two more housewives," revealed that insider. "They are getting rid of Kathryn Edwards [and] testing replacements."

Other possible candidates for being eliminated are sisters Kyle and Kim Richards because producers allegedly feel that the sibling rivalry is no longer entertaining viewers. However, the possibility remains that one of the sisters will get an invite to return.

"They are taking it day by day because they don't know how Kim is going to behave now that she's taking care of herself," explained the insider.

[Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger]