‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 16: ‘Last Day On Earth’ [Video]

The Walking Dead is about to wrap up Season 6 with Episode 16, titled “Last Day on Earth.” TWD fans know this episode as the biggest and most anticipated in the history of the show. Also, considering what happened last time, there is no reason in the world that they are not going to tune in and find out what happened to a certain main character.

For the sake of spoilers, those who have not seen The Walking Dead Episode 15 should proceed with caution. This article has details about that episode as well as the season finale.

In “Last Day on Earth,” fans of The Walking Dead who have been dreading and waiting for the character of Negan to appear are about to see it all come to fruition. There are no words to express just how shocking this episode is going to be.

As AMC reports, the episode will be both conclusive and a nail-biter. There are many of the storylines that are going to wrap up, but there are also some that are going to hang on and others that are going to make their first appearance.

In Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, Rick and the core group of TWD fighters are going to make their way out of Alexandria one more dangerous time. But the days of fighting the hordes are behind them. Of course, they will run into some walkers out there on the road, but there is no real threat from them in the immediate time period. The episode is going to be exclusively about the war with the living, the most common war known to all of mankind.

Before we give you all of the details, let’s just get caught up with where The Walking Dead is currently at and how the last episode left off. According to Entertainment Weekly, there were several threads in the last episode that left people’s lives in danger and one life in limbo.

The Walking Dead episode started off with Carol and her adventure leaving the walls of Alexandria, only to be stopped on the road by what appeared to be more toads from the Negan clan. Of course, fans of TWD knew right away that all of those men who stopped her were in the last moments of their lives, considering Carol is the ultimate weapon on the show now.

The Walking Dead writers did not disappoint with that one either, allowing Carol to cut through them like a knife through hot butter. She killed nearly all of them, with the only survivors playing possum or on the verge of death. Carol also had to leave on foot from there, leaving her battle-spiked car behind.

This is where Rick and Morgan enter the scene, or at least after it was over. Carol is long gone, but they saw what she did to the toads, and Rick, for one, was quite impressed. He saw firsthand how she had progressed since Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

Then there is the Daryl storyline, which is what drives the penultimate episode into victory lane for an Emmy in the writing category. Daryl had ventured out, alone, to kill the Savior toads who killed Denise, ultimately blaming himself for letting her die. He does have some Walking Dead cores on his trail to either help or stop him, but he is not having none of that, which was communicated with an arrow in a tree as a warning.

Rosita would not budge, though, and she goes off with Daryl. Of course, that leaves Glen and Michonne alone, who end up getting captured by the Savior toads. But they are not alone out there, because Daryl and Rosita have them in their sights. When they go in for a rescue, that scar-faced Dwight comes up behind Daryl and gets a shot off, leaving Walking Dead fans with blood spattering on the camera just before the episode ends.

So how does that shape Episode 16 of The Walking Dead? As many may have already surmised, The Walking Dead’s core group never leaves a brother/sister/soldier behind. They will fight to the bitter end for their family, and that means they will go to great lengths to put down a threat, which could also put some innocent lives in jeopardy at their hands.

Their lives are about to change forever when they meet Negan. What might be even more surprising for fans of TWD is that the core may not be considered the “good guys” anymore after this episode.

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