NASA Scientist Blames Global Warming For Recent Heat Wave

With thousands of heat records broken in 2012 a leading NASA scientists has concluded that global warming is to blame for increasingly hot temperatures in normally temperate parts of the United States.

One of NASA’s top scientists revealed his findings after completing a new statistical analysis. The researcher is no slouch and has been called the “godfather of global warming.”

The study found that temperature changes from the 1950s through the 1980s had a chance of 1 in 300 while current temps are now based on a 1 in 10 scale.

According to NASA scientist James Hansen:

“The increase in the chance of extreme heat, drought and heavy downpours in certain regions is so huge that scientists should stop hemming and hawing, Hansen said. “This is happening often enough, over a big enough area that people can see it happening.”

Hansen adds:

“This is not some scientific theory. We are now experiencing scientific fact.”

Hansen then went on to highlight the following heat waves caused by global warming:

  • Last year’s devastating Texas-Oklahoma drought.
  • The 2010 heat waves in Russia and the Middle East, which led to thousands of deaths.
  • The 2003 European heat wave blamed for tens of thousands of deaths, especially among the elderly in France.

The study is yet another attempt by Hansen to push for more government action to help curb greenhouse gases, a movement he has pushing for years.

While the study is not likely to convert non-believers it does show that researchers are more adamantly claiming their scientific beliefs as fact.

Do you think global warming is to blame for the recent heat wave?