Katie Rost Accuses Robyn Dixon And Gizelle Bryant Of Being Homophobic And Racist, Ashley Darby Stands By Her Man

Katie Rost is unapologetic for going after Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant after they brought attention to the fact that Ashley Darby's husband, Michael, grabbed Katie's boyfriend's behind on the dance floor during Charrisse Jordan's birthday party. As viewers saw on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac that aired on Sunday night, a butt-grabbing incident involving Michael and Katie's boyfriend, Andrew, led to a heated argument about race between Katie and Robyn, and Gizelle.

In her latest blog post, Katie admitted that she may have overreacted when Robyn asked Ashley if Michael grabbing Andrew's butt was a "white person thing." Katie explained that she was sick of hearing Robyn and Gizelle's comments regarding race all summer long.

"The butt grabbing incident kind of pushed me over the edge because I was so f-----g sick of hearing little silly comments about what black people do and what white people do and blah blah blah from Robyn and Gizelle all damn summer. I flipped out, and perhaps letting it get under my skin wasn't my finest hour. My patience was no longer available to me. It happens. Oh well."
Yet as the episode aired, Katie was aggressive when she tweeted about the incident. First, she tweeted that Robyn and Gizelle should have kept quiet about Michael's butt grabbing.
Next, Katie declared that being bi-racial is awesome.
She then pretty much accused Robyn and Gizelle of being racist and homophobic.
Katie ended her tweet session by making clear that she doesn't fit in one box.
Ashley also weighed in on the matter. Like Katie, Ashley tweeted that Gizelle should have minded her own business.
Ashley then called Robyn and Gizelle "the most Eurocentric women" who continue to ask about "white guy things."
Ashley also made clear that she still doesn't find any problem with Michael touching Andrew's behind. Ashley proclaimed that Michael really is her soulmate and that she doesn't listen to all of the nasty comments.
Like Katie, Ashley, in her blog post, pretty much accused Robyn and Gizelle of being homophobic. Ashley also reiterated that Michael touched Andrew in a joking way.
"It's rather tragic that homosexuality is still stigmatized in the Black community. Any touching between two men that isn't a dap or handshake is gay or 'a white thing.'...Michael, unlike Robyn and Gizelle, is not living in a box of rigidness. He has a great sense of humor and does not overthink his actions - Michael jokingly touched Andrew's butt while he was dancing with Katie, and we all laughed. It was not a big deal at all, and should have stayed on the dance floor. The last time I checked Michael is my husband and Andrew is Katie's boyfriend - mind your business."
On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant saw Ashley Darby's husband grab the behind of Katie Rost's boyfriend while everyone was on the dance floor. The scene shows Andrew nonchalantly telling Katie that Michael just grabbed his butt. With Robyn Dixon by her side, Gizelle later asked Ashley and Katie about what happened between Michael and Andrew. Ashley immediately explained that it was a joke. Gizelle replied that most men don't like other men squeezing their butts when they're not gay. Katie said that she didn't see an actual squeeze. "Is that like a white guy thing?" Robyn asked.

Ashley pointed out to Robyn that they're both biracial. "I'm not biracial," Robyn replied. Robyn's response surprised Ashley. "Really?" she asked. Katie then told Robyn that she must be confused.

"You need to have your genealogy checked out. You are blonde with green eyes. You don't end up looking like this if you're straight out of Africa. You're not biracial? Are you crazy?"
Robyn maintained that she's not biracial.
"I don't have a direct white ancestor. So I'm not biracial. I'm not biracial."
Gizelle said that she wasn't biracial either but black. Katie sarcastically touched and pointed out Gizelle's long, blond hair. When Robyn asked how they went from talking about Michael grabbing Andrew's butt to being biracial, Katie said that she and Ashley believe that Michael did that as much as they believe that Robyn and Gizelle don't have white ancestors.
"We believe that as much as we believe that you guys have no white ancestors. That's how, that's how factual it sounds."
In her blog, Robyn explained that she wasn't trying to say anything about race with her "white guy thing" comment but was trying to throw Michael a lifeline because she couldn't see any other explanation for him grabbing Andrew's butt. Robyn then addressed Katie's claim that she must be biracial. Robyn explained that she has white ancestry in her line but that both her parents classify as black.

"Not once did I deny that I have white ancestry or say that I was 'straight out of Africa.' These comments show Katie's extreme ignorance regarding the history of black people in America. It is clear that I not only have black ancestry, but also white, Native American, and who knows what else in me! However, both of my parents are black and everyone that came before them classifies as black...I suggest Katie and anyone else confused by my blackness to look up the 'one-drop rule.'"
Robyn added that it seems that it's Katie who has issues with her race and identity.On Twitter, Robyn made clear that she doesn't have parents of two different races, which means that she's not biracial.
Robyn Dixon also tweeted that Katie needs to respect her declaration that she's black.
As for Gizelle Bryant, she tweeted that Ashley Darby and Katie Rost's reaction as shown on The Real Housewives of Potomac was deflection.
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