'Peak Week' Returns On Instagram As 2016 Fitness Competition Show Season Heats Up

The week prior to a bodybuilding competitor's big fitness competition show is called "Peak Week," as reported by The Inquisitr. With many fitness competitions starting to heat up in April 2016, the focus on peak week has returned, as witnessed by the plethora of social media posts tagged with the #PeakWeek label.

In fitness terms, peak week is the week in which the body hits its peak of fitness, and is a week that features fitness fanatics doing all sorts of things to optimize their figures and make their bodies appear at the peak of conditioning when they step on stage to display them in all their glory.

Whereas some fitness fiends preach cutting back on water in efforts to shrink the skin, show off more muscles, and lose any lingering water covering up the muscles in a layer of subcutaneous liquids -- others recognize the dangers of drinking too little water, so they continue to fill up on the stuff.
Lots of workout photos, videos, and inspirational messages can be found on the Instagram photos tagged with the peak week label. It's a label that also featured plenty of food photos, since folks tend to change their diets to include plenty of white fish like tilapia or cod because of the protein the fish packs -- with few calories to boot.
Photos of sparkling bikinis and skin that's stretched out with talk of dehydration also can be seen online under the peak week hashtag.It isn't lost on bodybuilding competitors that their peak week also coincided with Easter, the time when some folks are gorging on chocolate bunnies, ham, and other fattening foods that tend to be on the no-no list for peak week competitors.
Jokes about drinking lots of water during peak week -- and therefore it has been dubbed "pee week" by some -- are juxtaposed against those who believe in cutting back on water.All varieties of methods of attaining the so-called perfect body during peak week prove that there are many different approaches taken by fitness fiends.Salmon and asparagus can be seen in some photos of those enjoying their Easter dinners during peak week -- with the bodybuilding participants forgoing ham and alcohol and dessert in order to maintain the bodies they've worked hard to achieve over a 12-week or longer training period leading up to their fitness shows.
Another staple of peak week usually features plenty of photos and talk of eating egg whites, because they are high in protein and low in calories and carbs. However, some have placed funny pics on Instagram showing off white chocolate eggs in jest.
The benefits of peak week participants coming together on social media includes the fact that sharing is caring. Peak week tips like the above photo encourage fitness folks that their peak week diets don't have to be boring. That photo includes spinach, turkey hotdogs with low sodium and what appears to be a bit of mustard on top.
More peak week humor includes the fact that some fitness experts believe in cutting back on carbs during the training period -- especially the last week, and particularly things like bread and other carbs -- so folks joke that everything looks like a carb that could satisfy their carb cravings during peak week.While some people load up on tilapia and manipulate their water levels, others eat steak.Peak week proves that certain fitness competitors go straight by the book in terms of their peak week diets, whilst others mix it up.


As seen in the top photo above, Hungarian women bodybuilders are featured. The buff women performed at the IFBB International Fitness Cup in Budapest, Hungary. The photo was taken on Sunday, May 10, 2009, during a competition wherein more than 250 participants competed in several fitness and bodybuilding categories.

[AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky]