NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving Refuses To Sacrifice For LeBron James And Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA rumors are swirling around Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Though he has been trying his best to downplay the situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James is clearly frustrated with how things are currently going. He seemingly does not feel that his current squad can overcome Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. The chemistry is simply not there. According to Hoops Rumors, the reason for that is because Irving is not willing to sacrifice for James.

After spending his first seven years in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James controversially decided to leave the team because he felt that management was not capable of giving him enough of a supporting cast to compete for the championship. To their credit, the Cavaliers brought in several different players to see if they could make things work. Unfortunately for them, though, none of them were good enough to appease James, so he opted to walk away in free agency.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James
LeBron James [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]LeBron James opted to take his talents to South Beach and signed with the Miami Heat. The Akron native wanted to form a super team with Chris Bosh, the Toronto Raptors franchise player who walked away as well to join the Heat, and Dwyane Wade, the longtime franchise player in Miami. The trio was widely criticized when they formed up. The criticism grew louder when they struggled to find chemistry in the beginning.

Eventually, things worked out pretty well for Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh. The three of them won two NBA Championship for the Miami Heat. Critics stopped questioning the legacies of James and Bosh, as neither were able to deliver titles to the Cleveland Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors. It took them a little bit of time, but once they learned how to play with one another, the winning and the fun both started growing.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]A big reason why the trio was able to work was because Dwyane Wade was willing to make sacrifices. He stepped aside and allowed LeBron James to be the face of the Miami Heat, even though Wade was the one that brought the first NBA Championship to the franchise. Dwyane also made sacrifices on the court for LeBron. He took a lot fewer shots after years of being the focal point of the Heat offense.

Chris Bosh learned how to make sacrifices as well. When he was the franchise player for the Toronto Raptors, he was given a ton of freedom. Bosh was able to take as many shots as he wanted. He struggled a bit when the Miami Heat asked him to be a complimentary player on offense, deferring to both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Bosh eventually learned to become a better three-point shooter and defender, which enabled him to finally win an NBA Championship.

Miami Heat center Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh [Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images]With the way things are looking right now, Kyrie Irving is not willing to make that same sacrifice. He's intent on not giving up shots to LeBron James, the proven NBA champion. Irving has gotten to the point where he has alienated his teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many resent him because there have been plenty of games where the point guard doesn't have any assist or has just one or two.

Kyrie Irving is going to need to decide what he wants to be. He can follow in the footsteps of former Minnesota Timberwolves guard Stephon Marbury by being someone that puts up lots of points but never winning an NBA Championship. That, or he can become a winner by letting LeBron James do what he does best. By becoming a sidekick, Irving can win a lot more games.

[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]