DeMarcus Cousins Mocks George Karl For Comments About Kings Teammate Seth Curry

DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins doesn't attempt to hide the disdain he holds for the Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl, especially when it comes to his own coach's comments about fellow players.

After George Karl said on Friday that Seth Curry would be in the league "a couple of years," DeMarcus Cousins wasted little time to lash out at his coach. Photo bombing Curry's post-game interview after the team's victory over the Dallas Mavericks Sunday, Cousins mocked Karl, spinning his coach's comments to fit his own point of view.

DeMarcus Cousins praised the young starting guard after he poured in 14 points in 23 minutes in only his second career start. In doing so, Demarcus is continuing to throw gas on the flames of his feud with George Karl that appears to be headed toward an end this season.

The feud between the Sacramento Kings player and coach has reignited after an early March incident. During the middle of a game this month, DeMarcus yelled at George Karl over a decision the coach made. Karl retaliated, suspending Cousins for one game.

After returning from his suspension, DeMarcus ensured everyone knew who was behind the decision to suspend the star athlete out of University of Kentucky. In comments he made to the media, Cousins placed the blame solely at the feet of George Karl and not the Sacramento Kings front office.

The feud intensified in the 2015 off-season after rumors ststing that George Karl sought to trade the talented Sacramento Kings center to another team emerged. Taking to Twitter, DeMarcus posted a snake emoji, a slight associated with his feelings about George Karl.

Seth Curry apparently feels the same way about George Karl as DeMarcus Cousins. After George made his remarks Friday, Curry took to Twitter to post a picture of the same snake emoji that DeMarcus made famous in 2015, but Seth later deleted the tweet.

For an organization to allow their star player to treat their head coach this way shows that the individual the Sacramento Kings want to remain after this season is DeMarcus Cousins. Part of the problem it appears is that all the parties know this information after management requested George Karl to resign on multiple occasions during this season, Sactown Royalty reported.

Sacramento does not want to fire George Karl simply because the Kings would be on the hook for $10 million remaining on his contract. The source for the information comes from Sandy Clough of Denver's 104.3 The Fan, explaining in a recent pod cast how the team has mishandled their personnel decisions.
"Once this year here in Denver when they were in town a few weeks ago was enough, although (the conversation) didn't center on Boogie Cousins, it centered on Sacramento's obvious attempt – attempts, plural — to get George to resign so they don't have to pay him the $10 million they owe him on the remainder of his contract … which everybody knows including George, more than anybody else, that's exactly what's going on. And actually his relationship with Cousins, at least at that point, was probably better than his relationship with any other element or person within the organization."
The comments George Karl made about Seth Curry to ignite the latest flames in this media feud with DeMarcus Cousins were actually seemingly positive ones. Saying that Curry had been a good pro during the interview, Karl compared Seth to himself. "I was a guy that kind of played a year or two more, you never knew when you were going in the game and you try to be ready and you try to keep your body ready and your mind ready," Karl added.

The Sacramento Kings know the talent that DeMarcus Cousins possesses, creating the problem of what to do with the talented big man. In addition to being a strong rebounder, Cousins is also a scoring threat. DeMarcus proved that this season and even before, scoring 91 points in an exhibition game last year, the Inquisitr previously reported.

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[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]