Ciara, Russell Wilson Enjoy Easter At Disneyland Amid Backlash For Decision To Marry Without Prenup

Like many other celebrities, Ciara and Russell Wilson decided to relax for Easter. So, they took Ciara's son, Future, to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, for a fun-filled day in the sun, according to the Daily Mail. Shortly after the three were spotted at Disneyland, photos of the happy couple have surfaced online and, of course, they look genuinely happy as they prepare to take the next big step in their relationship by tying the knot. Although many fans are quite happy with Ciara and Russell Wilson's relationship, the latest report about their recent financial decision has led to backlash and controversy.

According to Hollywood Life, Ciara and Russell Wilson plan to marry without a prenup. An insider recently explained why they've reportedly opted not to sign a prenup. Apparently, they view the idea of a prenup as a foreshadowing of marital problems to come. So, instead of entering into a marital union with what seems like a dark cloud over the relationship, they've opted to join together as one in every way.

"Russell and Ciara aren't going to have a prenup," the insider said. "Even the thought of speaking such words would mean that they're questioning their love for one another. A prenup is like a jinx. They're not going into the marriage thinking that it won't last. They're diving into this full on and they don't want bad energy clouding their marriage."

Of course, people marry every day without prenups, but many media outlets and social media users have criticized the couple because most Americans aren't in the financial bracket celebrities are accustomed to. In fact, Ciara just resolved a legal matter with her ex, Future, back in February. For the past year, Ciara and Future have been embroiled in a messy custody battle over their son.

In the wake of her relationship with Russell and their decision to abstain from having sex, Future began trolling his ex on social media, spewing insults about their previous relationship and sex life. So, Ciara sued him for a staggering $15 million due to the salacious comments and slander. Since Ciara has dealt with messy breakups and lots of money on the table, fans think they'd both be better off if they opted for a prenup. Many fans have reacted to the reports on social media with tweets and memes about marital planning and disastrous divorces that are the result of marrying without prenups.

Ciara and Russell Wilson's non-existent prenup has also led to a battle of the sexes. While many men have accused Russell of making a catastrophic mistake by marrying without a prenup since he just signed a massive $78 million contract, women everywhere are cheering for Ciara because of the decision.

Here are some of the reactions from fans who have tweeted about the prenup debate:

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Ciara and Russell Wilson have been scrutinized for their seemingly traditional relationship. Prior to the report about their alleged prenup, they were criticized for Russell's role in the life of Ciara's son, and their decision to refrain from sex until they've tied the knot also caused lots of chatter. But, nevertheless, the negativity hasn't stopped Ciara and Russell from moving forward with their wedding plans.

Do you think Ciara and Russell Wilson should consider a prenup or should fans just leave them alone? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]