Batman V Superman Deleted Scene: Clears Some Confusion And Teases Future Justice League Villain [SPOILERS AHEAD]

WARNING: Do not proceed to read this if you are not interested in spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

After a deleted scene of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was revealed, an important question was answered that could leave people asking even more questions. What exactly was revealed and what could this mean? In the movie, it ended with Lex saying to Bruce Wayne, “He is coming. And he is hungry!”

Screenrant reveals the deleted scene, named “Communion,” which takes place after Doomsday was defeated by Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. In attempt to arrest the LexCorp head, the swat team walks into the kryptonian scout ship to see Lex standing in a pool of what looks to be blood “communing” with an alien-looking creature, who resembles Steppenwolf, a general in Darkseid’s army. It had horns, and there were three boxes floating in front of it.

Based on this deleted scene of Batman V Superman, we can take some educated guesses as to what exactly this deleted scene means.

Do you remember Lex going on and on to Batman about larger threats coming to enslave the earth? It appears as though Lex may have already been corrupted by Darkseid. Eventually, Lex comes out of his trance and starts babbling to Bruce Wayne from prison.

Lex Luthor Batman V Superman
[Photo courtesy of Warner Bros]

Darkseid is known for poisoning the minds of susceptible people and turning them into his puppets by influencing them on certain events and the world around them. Lex is the perfect candidate for Darkseid’s corruption, due to his powerful influence and sociopathic behavior.

What are those three floating boxes representing? Screenrant and Hollywood Reporter both believe those boxes symbolize the “mother box,” which is associated with Darkseid. What is the mother box? It is used by Darkseid to communicate with and alter Lex to hack the scout ship, but when Lex is arrested, they are no longer safe.

It is questioned by Hollywood Reporter whether the alien-looking creature is Darkseid himself. Although it doesn’t look like Darkseid in the comics, it does resemble Darkseid’s father, Yuga Khan, given that the creature has horns. Although far more likely for the creature to be Steppenwolf, it is also questioned whether or not it could just be a servant of Darkseid.

Darkseid in comics
[Photo Art by Clayton Crain/ DC Comics]

With all the questions that were asked during Batman V Superman, this scene could have been helpful to include in the movie showing. Would it have made the movie even better? Probably, although the movie itself did make out much better than it was projecting, making $350 million worldwide on opening weekend, according to Deadline. This made Batman V Superman the second best pre-summer global opening of all time, with Furious 7 the only one ahead of it with a $397.7 million opening. Batman V Superman even beat Deadpool, which had a global opening of $300 million, according to Forbes.

Yahoo News reports that this deleted scene suggests that Darkseid will invade the earth in the future upcoming Justice League, which is set to come out next year in November, 2017. It is assumed that this scene was specifically deleted because it would give away too much for the new Justice League. However, there was so much uncertainty and misunderstanding about the end of Batman V Superman, many believe that it was almost necessary to include the deleted scene.

See the deleted scene of Batman V Superman yourself. Do you think this should have been included at the end of the movie, or do you think that it gives too much away for the upcoming Justice League? It certainly doesn’t answer all questions asked about the film, but this deleted scene certainly cleared up some.

[Image via TCL Chinese Theatres/@ChineseTheatres]