Americans, Do You Believe These Seven Things About Canada? Guess What? They’re Myths! [Video]

When it comes to the common American’s knowledge of their northern neighbor Canada, it is often based off of what we heard from others, though it may or may not be built on fact. However, there are usually seven things about Canada most Americans think are true, yet they are indeed myths.

The revelations were made by Matthew Santoro on his official YouTube channel. Being a native Canadian and YouTuber, he not only brought up the seven myths in an entertaining and educational manner, but he comically made fun of the more stereotypical myths about Canadians, saying Canadians always apologizing and eating maple syrup is true. Still, such a video is quite important given the fact Americans in general have very little knowledge when it comes to basic international history and affairs.

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The seven myths Matthew Santoro took on are actually worth taking on in the first place. Though some of them are based off of perception, others are far more important because they dive into the historical and political landscape of the country. Anyways, the seven myths are as follows.

  1. Most Canadians see snow year round.
  2. Toronto is the capital of Canada.
  3. Canadians don’t have guns.
  4. Canadian beer is stronger than American beer.
  5. Canada is policed by Mounties in red coats and horseback.
  6. Canada is ruled by Britain.
  7. Canadians don’t lock their doors.

Matthew Santoro goes on to explain why these myths are believed in the United States, then he provides the facts. With some of them, he includes an educational lesson either it be historic or geographic. Therefore, the following are the facts to the seven myths mentioned above.

  1. Most Canadians live near the border of the United States. As a result, they see weather patterns similar to American cities like Boston or New York City. This means they experience seasons like most Americans do.
  2. Toronto is believed to be the capital simply because it is the most popular Canadian city with the highest urban population. However, Ottawa is officially the capital and was chosen on December 31, 1857. Reasons for it becoming the capital include its excellent defensive position and being on the border between French and English-speaking parts of Canada. Its two waterways were also vital in its selection.
  3. Canadians are allowed to own guns but they cannot use it for defense. They can only use guns mostly for sport. A lot of times, the “Canadians hate guns” belief comes up when comparing gun-related rates between Canada and the United States.
  4. Canadian beer is determined by volume while American beer is determined by weight. This is very important to know given the fact volume is consistent while weight is not. Therefore, there is hardly any-to-no difference between the alcohol content in the United States compared to Canada.
  5. Mounties do exist but they are like any police force utilizing the latest arms technology for protecting communities which includes cars. The red coats and horseback riding are often used in ceremony these days.
  6. Many may still believe Canada is ruled by Britain given the fact they earned their independence in the Canada Act 1982. That means the country has been a complete sovereignty as an independent country for less than three decades.
  7. This rumor came about when Michael Moore bravely said Canadians feel so safe, they don’t lock their doors in his documentary Bowling for Columbine (pictured below). In an attempt to link the Columbine High School massacre to American gun laws and Canadian gun laws, Moore over-exaggerated the safety of Canada’s people through the statement. However, he fails to mention anything about Canada’s higher break-in rates.

Michael Moore
Apparently, people want to know the truth behind the myths Americans believe about Canada. Since its upload on Friday, March 25, 2016, the video has over 640,000 views with over 25,600 likes among them. Not only that, the video officially titled “7 MYTHS You Still Believe Aboot Canada” is ranked 17 on the Popular on YouTube list.

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