3D Printer Smartphone Technology Looms

A 3D printer and smartphone in one? As wild as that might sound, a new 3D printer smartphone device uses light from the display of a smartphone to create objects, ComputerWorld reported. During the first four days of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the fledgling tech company reportedly raised more than $800,000 for the new 3-D printing device, which is poised to revolutionize the way we think and create.

"The stereolithography 3D printing system from OLO 3D Inc. works with any smartphone with a display of up to 5.8 inches, including the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy A7."
Housed in a simple three-piece cube, the system holds the phone in the base and also features a two-tiered upper piece that sits on top. According to a press release, OLO's smartphone app will convert any design on the phone's screen into a three-dimensional object using a small 3D printer that hardens resin with bright light in the cube atop the phone.
"OLO introduces a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins, which harden under the white light of a smartphone screen."
Since half of its hardware is already located inside the smartphones, OLO's new technology promises to make it easier for anyone to own and operate a 3D printer. And with more than 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, the market potential is virtually limitless. Amazingly, according to the release, the OLO 3D printer is only made up of seven plastic parts, a single chip and one motor.
"OLO is not just a device, it's not just a 3D printer, it's a game changer."
Weighing in at just over one pound, the new 3D smartphone printer is easily transported and can reach an incredible 42 micron resolution. The battery-powered motor makes it simple to use the 3D printer just about anywhere and four AA batteries will last at least 100 prints.
The new OLO smartphone app will also allow users to send images to other users who have 3D printing capability. The technology incorporates a variety of existing library images that are ready-to-print, as well as the ability to interface with any existing 3D scan software. This allows users to select any smartphone images – including photos – and build an object for 3D printing, according to ComputerWorld.
"Multiple objects can be built at the same time. As with any 3D printer, the amount of time required to create an object can be substantial."
How substantial? According to the report, OLO's smartphone app is a bit slower than most desktop 3D printers and it can take up to three hours to 3D print just one two-inch ball.
"Basically, once you place the lid on top and the printer starts going, the app makes your phone's screen light up with a specific pattern."
Amazingly, the new OLO smartphone 3D printer is currently offered to buyers at the rock-bottom price of just $99 – an amount that is expected to jump as high as $450 when the device is released in the U.S. this September. According to Techworm.net, the device debuted last fall in New York, where it won the World Marker Faire Editor's Choice Award.

[Photo courtesy of Olo3D.net]