'Outlander' Spoilers: Creating New Worlds And A Dreamy Romance

The Outlander premiere is drawing near, and by now, fans all know that Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) are taking their adventures to France. For Outlander, that means creating an entirely new world from setting to wardrobe and everything in between, but until now, Outlander fans could only imagine what that might entail.

Outlander Gives Fans A Behind The Scenes Look At A French Creation


Sitting at home, waiting anxiously for the season 2 premiere of Outlander, it might be difficult to understand the scope involved in creating a new country, but no longer. Starz has released a behind the scenes video that gives fans a behind the scenes tour of Outlander sets, wardrobe, and every other aspect of recreating 18th century France.


Moving from Scotland to France is a dramatic change in just the weather patterns alone. The grey skies of Scotland are no more, as Outlander heads into the bright sunshine and blue skies of France, according to showrunner Robert D. Moore. To access the brighter weather meant taking Outlander and everyone involved with the series to Prague.

Outlander actress Catriona Balfe adds that the scenes will be brighter and more colorful, something that seems to please the actress. The scenes and dialogue will also be more vibrant, but, as the video suggests, none of that will last. Jamie and Claire will head back to Scotland midway through season 2 of Outlander.

While some Outlander fans may have hoped for a more traditional teaser to whet their appetites, this look does introduce some new characters with compelling and unique personalities of their own. Walking the streets of Paris, Jamie meets Fergus, a pivotal character in the novels and someone of equal import on the series as well.

Fans are also introduced to Louise the Rohan (Claire Sermonne). While this Outlander character plays only a minor part in the source material, she comes across on screen as a lively and lovable visage. Louise the Rohan does serve one important purpose, as she is responsible for introducing Catriona's Outlander character to the ladies of France's high society. The inclusion of France's upper crust suggests that Outlander will introduce royalty into the story arcs, perhaps such historical figures as King Louis of France or Prince Charles Stuart of Scotland.

Outlander Spoilers Promise Love Will Blossom In The French Winds


In a new interview to promote season 2 of Outlander, Caitriona Balfe tempted fans with the news that love will bloom between Claire and Jamie, even as Claire deals with her pregnancy. Balfe says that both the pregnancy and the romance will be treated very lightly on Outlander, possibly as a means of lightening the mood, when other drama gets too somber.

Ms. Balfe says she sought out the advice of Diana Gabaldon, author of the books upon which Outlander is based, because she wasn't quite sure how to act. Caitriona has never been pregnant, so she needed the guidance of an experienced mother.

It was also revealed that the Outlander scenes that emphasize Balfe's baby bump translated well on film, without looking unnatural or forced. The actors involved say the scenes flow smoothly and seem entirely believable.

Caitriona says her Outlander character will seek out Frank Randall later in the season, hoping he will help to raise her daughter. Although the Outlander actors couldn't be compelled to reveal more about that situation, it seems likely that things will not go according to plan. If Outlander continues to follow Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber books, Frank will die at some point in the near future.

"[Season 2] is well handled (though not, perhaps, in the way you'd think) and Tobias Menzies gives an amazing performance."
The season 2 premiere of Outlander will air on Saturday, April 9 on Starz.

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