Woman Told She Was Infertile Due To Cancer Treatments As Child Delivered Healthy Surprise Triplets

A young woman who suffered a devastating and rare cancer as a four-year-old little girl was told she would likely never have children as her intense cancer treatments would render her infertile. Despite the warning, when 23-year-old Jaide Ward met 25-year-old Scott Ward she fell in love. She desperately wanted to start a family with Scott so she contacted her doctor to see if there was any chance she could conceive. Jaide was given the sad news that she was not ovulating and that she likely would never conceive and enter menopause within a couple years.

Not wanting to give up, Jaide purchased ovulation test kits of her own but all came back negative, by all accounts she was not ovulating. Therefore, when Jaide began feeling nauseous in the mornings she never imagined she could be pregnant but decided to take a pregnancy test to be certain, to her shock the test came back positive, but that isn't the end of this miraculous story.

The Daily Mail reports that 23-year-old Jaide Ward received some unexpected, yet desired news when she went for a sonogram after finding out she was expecting. The young woman who thought she was infertile was told she was expecting twins. Excited about the news but knowing the risks of the pregnancy, Ward was scheduled for another sonogram with a different technician at 12 weeks gestation. When receiving the sonogram, the technician asked her how many babies she thought she was having and she responded "two." The technician quickly told her that there was one more surprise, another baby had been found on the scan, Jaide was expecting triplets.


With her wedding with Scott quickly approaching, Jaide says the wedding took on a whole new and special meaning and it was made even more special by one particular guest that was in attendance.

"We all burst into tears of happiness! Our wedding day took on a whole new sparkle. Then a very special guest arrived - Dr. Pizer."
Who exactly was Dr. Pizer? When Jaide was just 4-years-old Dr. Pizer was the man who treated her cancer. A renowned oncologist, Pizer was upfront with Jaide's mother, informing her that the little girl before them would likely be infertile from the treatments he needed to perform to ensure she survived.
"Dr. Pizer told Dawn the tumour's location, coupled with the toxicity of crucial chemotherapy, could well leave her infertile. Unable to remove the tumour that was entwined in her spine, doctors told Jaide's mother that she was unlikely to ever conceive naturally."
Jaide says that growing up she was told of her potential fertility issues but hadn't worried about it telling herself she didn't want kids anyway.
"Mum always used to tell me if I ever wanted children, she would donate her own eggs or I could adopt. But I grew up kidding myself that it was fine, I didn't want children anyway."
However, that all changed when she met Scott and knew she wanted a family. However, Scott was fully supportive of their relationship with or without children and proposed shortly before the couple found out they were expecting triplets.
"Scott bent down on one knee and proposed. He really did want to be with me forever, even though he knew we couldn't be parents the traditional way."
Through all of the unknowns and surprises, Jaide gave birth to three healthy babies on January 2, 2015, at 31 weeks and six days gestation. Jaide reveals that two of her daughters are identical twins while the third is non-identical.
"Scarlett was 2lb 4oz, Caitlyn was 2lb 15oz and Francesca was 3lb 5oz. Scarlett and Caitlyn are identical twins, although Scarlett is much smaller as she suffered growth restriction in the womb. Francesca is non-identical."

Despite some minor medical issues, all three babies were home with their parents within weeks of birth and are now happy and healthy. Jaide says that she is so thankful for her three girls and that her tumor has remained non-cancerous.

[Image via Facebook/Scott Ward]