Try These 7 Simple Weight Loss Tips And Say Goodbye To The Extra Pounds For Good

Let’s face it, millions of people want to lose weight and struggle to find an easy way to shed the pounds. You can barely turn on television anymore without hearing how obesity is the leading cause of death in the country. So, if you have never tried to lose weight, how can you do it as simple as possible? Weight loss products tend to be expensive and rarely work in the long run. Yahoo came up with simple ways to lose weight and keep it off, and we decided to share the tips here.

As stated before, weight loss products tend to be expensive and rarely work in the long run. The only thing that truly works is learning to control your eating habits and increasing your activity. Yahoo came up with simple ways to lose weight and keep it off, and we have those exclusive tips below.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat on a regular schedule. No more eating breakfast at noon and dinner at 10 pm. Decide on a regular eating schedule and keep it. It will help regulate your hunger, and lead to fewer binges in the long run. Also, the experts advise when you first begin your weight loss journey to add healthy fats (like avocado) to your diet. Not only will it decrease your appetite, but it keeps you fuller, longer.

When you must go out, whether it be work or errands, pack healthy snacks to reduce your urge to buy junk foods. Think about the last time you were at the local mall. What can you smell at the mall? It’s usually delicious tasting foods. If you pack your snacks, you can take it out as you stroll through the mall, and it tricks your mind into believing you are satisfied with those carrot sticks (or whatever you packed).

Last week, Chris Powell appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and talked heavily about food portions. He noted that to lose weight, you must master portion sizes, and the only food that you don’t need to watch your portions is vegetables. You can eat as many servings as you want with vegetables; however, it is wise to skip seconds of the protein and carbohydrate based foods. What good will a healthy portion size do for you if you plan on eating two or more portions of it? The biggest hurdle in weight loss is mastering the right amount of food to eat at each meal.

Another tip is to make sure you eat five fruits and vegetables each day. Try substituting a fruit (like an apple) with the usually junk food snack. Small changes often result in a significant shift in the end. Another tip that Yahoo provided was to prevent mindless eating, turn the television off while eating. Many people eat while watching tv and tend to not watch their portion sizes. Turning off the TV while eating would force your mind to see what food you are consuming. It’s a great weight loss tip.

While it wasn’t listed as a tip, don’t forget to drink enough water every day. A good way to know how much water your body requires, take your weight and divide into two–drink that much water in ounces. For example, a 120-pound woman would need to drink 60 oz. of water every day.

Tell us your experience with these weight loss tips, and come back to The Inquistr for more weight loss news and updates.

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