Is Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson ‘Fat’ Due To U.K. Prejudice?

In case you have not heard, Jesy Nelson from Little Mix is “fat” despite wearing revealing clothing for her Get Weird Tour… and obviously does not have more than an inch to pinch, according to pics from the Daily Mail.

Nevertheless, internet trolls have been especially harsh with Jesy Nelson, telling her she carries too much weight, according to Yahoo.

However, what is strange to this author is this anti-fat attitude and the origin of it for Jesy Nelson’s home country of the U.K.

Could there be a difference in the perception of what “fat” means when it comes to America and England? Or do internet trolls in the U.K. feel for some reason that they have a special license to fat shame as harshly as they want to?

Jesy Nelson often called fat

Unfortunately, fat shaming celebrities may not be limited to Jesy Nelson’s home country (because of some reason such as the U.K. has socialized medicine), and is also common in America.

In fact, Jesy Nelson may be having a hard time because the Times U.K. recently pointed out that “fat prejudice is the last form of acceptable discrimination.”

In America, an example of fat shaming celebrities comes from Shape. They highlight “20 celebrities criticized for their curves,” but hardly any of them would qualify as obese in the medical sense of the term, according to the CDC.

Despite this, certain celebrities have been criticized online, like Jesy Nelson, for being overweight.

Regardless of the great comebacks by celebrities to fat shaming compiled by Buzzfeed and others, it is still mind boggling to this author that Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian can be considered fat.

Does this mean Jesy Nelson should quit music and eventually try to become an actress? Jennifer Lawrence might encourage Jesy Nelson to avoid acting because Jennifer claims she is considered to be a “fat actress” in Hollywood, according to the Daily Mail.

It also does not help Jesy Nelson, according to the Mirror, that X Factor judge, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, says things such as the following.

“It’s crazy double standards. You’d never be allowed to say to somebody, ‘Oh, you look a bit fat.’ And being overweight is unhealthy – it’s actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look ‘curvy’ or ‘great.'”

Could Cheryl Fernandez-Versini eventually lose her job for saying things like this (especially since being overweight is not necessarily an indicator of being unhealthy, according to TIME) … or is fat shaming acceptable in the U.K. for some specific reason?

Sadly, these fat shaming U.K. trolls might be using the voice of a journalist from Jesy Nelson’s home country that is particularly well-known for fat shaming singer Kelly Clarkson.

Why is Jesy Nelson considered fat?

According to a CBS News report on March 5, a journalist named Katie Hopkins can say all the mean and prejudiced things she wants about Kelly Clarkson or Jesy Nelson’s weight without getting fired from her job.

Some of the quotes from “journalist” Katie Hopkins about Kelly Clarkson include language so harsh, degrading, and demoralizing, that they would be considered a “trigger warning” to many people with curves.

In the opinion of this author, Katie Hopkins would have likely been fired from her job in the United States because she does not have science backing up her claims, but yet remains fully employed in the U.K. as a journalist with a voice, and this toxic situation likely gives permission or credence to those trolls that fat shame celebrities like Jesy Nelson.

For example, it is rumored that fat shaming is how Nicole Arbour lost a job in a movie, according to Zap2It. The director of the film that did not give her the job called Arbour’s controversial YouTube video “cruel.”

On the other hand, fat shaming discrimination in America and the U.K. does not only come from journalists talking about celebrities, and ListVerse compiled “10 frightening ways we discriminate against fat people.”

What is interesting is that fat shamers like Katie Hopkins might be getting the attention they do not deserve for lacking empathy toward “fat” people like Jesy Nelson, but Katie Hopkins’ words apparently do not actually help anyone.

In the end, recent research says that there is no point to fat shaming Jesy Nelson or anyone else because studies show that fat shaming does not help the individual to lose weight, according to the Guardian.

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