Kevin Federline Sued By Former Landlord For Trashing California Mansion

Kevin Federline apparently isn’t an ideal tenant. At least, that’s what his former landlord has to say on the subject. According to TMZ, Britney Spears’ former flame is being sued by Joseph Malek, who rented a mansion to Federline back in 2008. Malek told the website that Federline turned the property into one giant ashtray, leaving cigarette butts and broken bottles all over the place. After surveying the mansion and the mess left behind, the landlord discovered his former tenant caused around $110,000 in property damage.

Here’s the kicker: Federline even skipped out on payment. Malek states that the would-be rapper hasn’t paid a dime towards the seven months rent he currently owes. Although the landlord threatened Federline with a lawsuit back in 2009, Malek is now ready and willing to seek help from the courts.

What does Kevin Federline have to say about this nasty situation? He recently told TMZ that he isn’t responsible for the damages to Malek’s mansion. In fact, he blames golf balls from a nearby golf course for the condition of his landlord’s property.

In court documents, Federline officially blames the state of his former home on “normal wear and tear, and other damages were caused by golf balls hitting the property.” Kevin also states that, in 2009, he paid Malek nearly $60,000 in order to take care of his unpaid rent. Additionally, Federline allowed his former landlord to keep the security deposit to cover all of the reported damages to the mansion and its grounds.

For the aggravation associated with this lawsuit, Kevin Federline is looking to recover attorney fees and statutory damages, as wel as twice the amount of the security deposit.

2012 isn’t shaping up to be a good year for Federline. Back in January, Kevin was rushed to a hospital for chest pains during a challenge on Australia’s “Excess Baggage” television program.