Donald Trump's Easter Weekend Outbursts Take Aim At Cruz, Illegal Immigrants, And The GOP

While Christian Americans celebrated Easter this weekend, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump continued his push toward the White House. Not even the birth of a grandchild, daughter Ivanka's third, could spare anyone from Donald Trump's mudslinging. As many have come to expect from the candidate, Trump served a heaping helping of insults to his enemies.

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz took the lion's share of Trump's bitterness. Late last week, Cruz and Trump both took shots at each other's wives. The battle of the tweets started when an unflattering ad featuring Trump's wife, Melania Trump, debuted in Utah. Trump blatantly accused Ted Cruz of backing the ad.

Trump accused Cruz of buying pictures of Melania Trump and giving them to a Super PAC
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]Except for one thing. Ted Cruz wasn't behind the ad at all. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz of purchasing the photograph and handing it over to a super PAC. But political candidates are legally prohibited from coordinating with political action committees. A political action committee, Make America Awesome, funded the Utah attack ad, but legally they couldn't have done it with Ted Cruz's help.

It may be tempting to say that Ted Cruz isn't above bending the rules to get his way. Donald Trump has accused Senator Cruz of unethical behavior before. Trump claimed that Cruz supporters told voters in Iowa that Ben Carson intended to drop out of the race.

Trump also took aim at illegal immigrants, a favored target on whom he's built the bedrock of his campaign. In the wake of suicide bombings in Brussels and Turkey, Trump pledges to protect his American constituents from similar attacks. According to Donald Trump, the best way to do that is to eject illegal immigrants.

Yet, According to the New York Times, the perpetrators of the Brussels attack weren't in Brussels illegally. And they weren't immigrants. Reportedly, two of the three attackers were brothers born in Belgium. Turkey deported one of the brothers back to Europe less than a year ago because they suspected him of being intent on joining ISIS in Syria.

Trump threatened to sue over delegates being awarded to Ted Cruz.
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]Finally, Trump turned his wrath on the GOP itself.
According to CNN, Donald Trump won the March 5 Louisiana primary, Ted Cruz came in second place. Trump and Cruz each earned 18 delegates, but five delegates went to now-withdrawn candidate Marco Rubio. An additional five delegates are not required to support a particular candidate. Now it looks like all 10 delegates will go to Ted Cruz, giving him more delegates than Trump, even though Trump won the popular vote. Conservative blog Red State suggests that Cruz's victory happened because his campaign has better organization than political newcomer Donald Trump's.

There are signs that Cruz's strategy is not only working, but it could have wider GOP backing. Even the delegates that Trump technically won might not grant him the nomination. According to Bustle, the Republican party can change delegate rules when they are adopted during the convention. If the rules for 2016 allow delegates to vote however they want independent of voting results in their state, some of Trump's delegates may simply disappear.

Which begs the question, where has Donald Trump gone, and why isn't he campaigning as hard? The answer is simple; Donald Trump really doesn't need to campaign anymore. To date, Trump has won 739 delegates. Ted Cruz has won 465. John Kasich has won 141. To secure the nomination, a candidate needs 1,237 delegates. Winning is mathematically impossible for Kasich, difficult for Ted Cruz, and all but a certainty for Donald Trump. Maybe Donald Trump, who seems to pride himself on not wasting resources, has decided his time would be better spent preparing for his Democratic opponent.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]