Mysterious Bright Light UFO Cruising Over Alabama Captured On Video

A witness in Orange Beach, Alabama, reported watching and filming a bright light UFO that cruised in the sky against the wind over the Gulf of Mexico from east to west in 2015.

The witness, according to the report filed as Case 71086 in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), was sitting outside on the balcony of his home at about 10 p.m. on October 1, 2015, when he noticed a mysterious UFO that appeared as a cluster of lights in the sky.

Describing the sighting that lasted about 10 minutes, the witness said the lights moved silently at the same height, in a straight line and at a uniform speed of about 30-40 mph.

“The UFO kept the same height and was moving at what appeared to be around 30-40 mph,” the witness said.

“It appeared to be a cluster of bright lights similar to a cluster of balloons,” he continued. “It made no sound and did not waver in speed or height.”

He added, “I was very nervous at seeing this. It continued west until I could not see it any longer.”

Worried about the sighting, the witness called 911 and reported it. But the police did not act, apparently, because no one else reported sighting the flying lights.

“I called 911 and reported what I saw,” he said. “I found out this morning that the 911 call was in Foley, approximately 10 miles from the beach. I called the police back this morning and no one else had reported anything at least to them.”

But the witness was able to film the mysterious lights on his iPhone video. He also tried unsuccessfully to film it with his DJI Phantom Drone equipped with a 4K camera.

The report was investigated by Richard Hoffman, the state director of MUFON in Alabama — MUFON is a non-profit organization that documents and investigates reported UFO sightings across the world.

Hoffman was forced to close the case as “an unknown” after an investigation. But he described the video clip submitted to the organization as revealing a UFO with a very unusual shape. The UFO was captured on camera flying against the wind along the shoreline at a uniform speed from east to west.

Although the lights looked like a “cluster of balloons” — as the witness testified — evidence that it was not a cluster of balloons drifting in the evening breeze appears that it moved in a direction opposite to the wind at the time. This suggests the UFO was powered.

It moved consistently against the wind during the sighting that lasted about 10 minutes before it disappeared.

A bright UFO

Analysts have suggested that it could have been a drone fitted with a cluster of balloons with lights, but Hoffman insisted that close observation on a large screen television showed features that did not “conform with any known aircraft.”

He also ruled out familiar flares associated with military exercises in the area.

According to Hoffman in his report, “The video clip shows a highly unusual shaped object when viewed on a large screen television. Wind directions are from the north and do not account for the object being a balloon or a set of balloons. We do have military exercises in this corridor as it is shown on aeronautical maps. This object does not conform with any known aircraft.”

“The video clip shows a highly unusual shaped object [that] does not conform with any known aircraft.”

But despite Hoffman’s insistence that the UFO does not “conform with any known aircraft,” some viewers thought it was most likely a drone fitted with lights. But some analysts wondered why anyone would fly a drone in the night when controlling drones is difficult and risky because a drone might hit an unlit obstacle and become damaged.

UFO enthusiasts thought the object was more likely an alien UFO and that the low cruising speed suggests it was scanning the terrain.

The argument that the UFO was a low flying alien craft scanning the terrain is reminiscent of a recent video clip shot by a UFO hunter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFO hunter reported filming a bright orb UFO that traveled silently over mountains in his area and appeared to land at the base of a mountain close to his home. After some minutes at the base of the mountain, the bright orb split into two smaller orbs. Both orbs rose into the air and flew away.

The bright orb UFO flew silently without any audible engine sounds. The UFO hunter said it was unlike a helicopter or an airplane because it appeared only as a bright orb with no identifiable structures.

The reported landing of the UFO at the base of a mountain in Las Vegas sparked speculation that it might have been a robotic alien craft that landed briefly at the base of the UFO to collect samples.

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