‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Tops Box Office For Third Straight Week

“The Dark Knight Rises”, director Christopher Nolan’s final entry in his successful Batman trilogy, has topped the American box office for the third week straight, earning an estimated $36.4 million over the weekend. According to The Washington Post, this tidy sum helps bring the film’s domestic total to around $355 million. In regards to the picture’s worldwide figures, “The Dark Knight Rises” has snagged a cool $733 million.

Columbia Pictures and director Len Wiseman’s sci-fi actioner “Total Recall”, meanwhile, enjoyed $26 million in ticket sales. The film, which stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, and Bryan Cranston, is a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 Schwarzenegger-centric classic. The studio must be happy with these figures, as high-end estimates put the total at around $20 million.

Claiming the third spot is David Bowers’ “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”, the third entry in the popular series. The film managed to bring in $14.7 million during its first weekend in theaters.

Warner Bros. head of distribution Dan Fellman is pleased with how “The Dark Knight Rises” has performed in its third week, stating that the flick is on-track to perform as expected before the events which befell a midnight screening of the film in July.

“The support from audiences across North America has been outstanding,” Fellman explained to The Washington Post. “The movie speaks for itself, and the unfortunate tragedy that took place hurt everyone. We’re obviously very moved by the events that took place.”

In addition to being the number one movie in America for the third week straight, the film has also broken IMAX records, as well. $48 million of the film’s total gross has come from these large-screen theaters, which, until this point, was unheard of. Considering that 40 percent of Nolan’s final Batman adventure was filmed with IMAX cameras, it makes sense that hardcore fans would want to experience the feature as the director had intended.

1. “The Dark Knight Rises,” $36.4 million
2. “Total Recall,” $26 million
3. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days,” $14.7 million
4. “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” $8.4 million
5. “The Watch,” $6.35 million
6. “Ted,” $5.5 million
7. “Step Up Revolution,” $5.7 million
8. “The Amazing Spider-Man,” $4.3 million
9. “Brave,” $2.9 million
10. “Magic Mike,” $1.4 million