Liam Payne Spends Over 100K On Cheryl, Buys Alcohol Easter Eggs, Records Music In L.A.

Liam Payne fans are particularly interested in what is going to happen in his future because Simon Cowell recently told the world in an interview with Billboard that One Direction might not be on a hiatus after all.

As this sad news that One Direction might be on break permanently crushes the hearts of many One Direction fans, Liam Payne attempts to persevere. Currently, he is currently spending time in Los Angeles with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, according to fan photos on Twitter… and he is rumored to be spending a lot of money buying her gifts.

Interestingly, Liam Payne spent Easter with a round of treats that allegedly come from an English shopping products store in Los Angeles. However, in the photos posted by the Daily Mail, it is clear that there may be some alcohol involved in Liam Payne’s Easter.

As it appears, the Guinness beer company also makes Easter eggs each year, and they are not the only company that provides these types of alcoholic treats to the British public.

Liam Payne may have quit One Direction

In fact, American fans of Liam Payne may be surprised to know that the Independent recently named several other types of Easter eggs “for adults” on March 17.

Naturally, with so much negative and extremely positive energy flowing around him, Liam Payne may have needed to take a bit of a break with a good case of Easter eggs for adults.

For example, the Mirror points out that Louis Tomlinson thanked Simon Cowell for being patient with One Direction about the hiatus, but does Liam Payne feel the same way as Louis?

Although it is unclear if Liam Payne is thrilled or extremely depressed about the One Direction hiatus and potential breakup, it does seem like Liam Payne is “getting support” from Louis Tomlinson.

When headlines are reviewed, it appears that in the past, Liam Payne must have discussed his wishes to be part of other projects such as X Factor.

Unfortunately, it appeared that Simon Cowell had already set his hopes on Louis Tomlinson taking over as an X Factor judge while Liam Payne was not necessarily discussed.

What might be concealed from Americans is the fact that there is a lot of discussion about Liam Payne being an X Factor judge because he is part of a scheme by a betting company, according to blogger Carter Matt.

Apparently, gambling in the U.K. can also contain gossip or speculation about future events such as X Factor judges selection.

According to Express, “Simon Cowell has been tipped by [an online gambling company] to sign [Liam Payne] up in a bid to salvage X Factor‘s tumbling ratings, putting odds on the boyband star’s appointment at 2/1.”

Despite this, Louis Tomlinson recently stated that he was not going to be taking on X Factor, according to UnReality TV.

Like Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson does have plans for his hiatus that are related to music, but instead of doing X Factor, the Ireland Independent says that he wants to work on his own label.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson started his own record label, 78 Productions, that was registered around April 15, 2015 … but fans have not heard much about it since.

Liam Payne may still appear on X-Factor

On the other hand, if Louis is truly firing up a record label, could it mean that fans might finally be able to hear Liam Payne on “Hideaway” that MTV hinted at in December 2015?

Of course, Liam Payne has been working on music independently of One Direction for most of 2016. For instance, Entertainment Weekly highlighted on March 21 that Liam Payne is working with Juicy J, and there could be new music released in the near future.

Liam Payne is also allegedly working with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on new music, according to UnReality TV.

Sadly, there could be some stress between Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, according to insiders. Celebs Now writes on March 27, that insiders close to Liam Payne or Cheryl have said that she is “mothering him” and tries to control his eating habits.

In Cheryl’s defense, she did allegedly watch Liam Payne eat candy instead of real food for a meal. Will Liam Payne be the next Wilfred Brimley advertising diabetes products if Cheryl does not intervene?

Regardless of the fact that she is introducing him to the finer points of “adulting,” Liam Payne seems to like the situation. For example, Liam Payne has allegedly treated Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to over $100,000 in gifts in two months time, according to insiders.

Coming up next, insiders claim that Liam Payne is “now planning a £27,000 surprise break, with their own beachside retreat and butler, in Mauritius for another exotic holiday together.”

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