‘Ultralight Prayer’ By Kanye West And Kirk Franklin Gets 113,000 Soundcloud Plays In 4 Hours [Video]

Kanye West previously made news when he and Kirk Franklin appeared on SNL, with Kirk calling on Jesus in the “Ultralight Beam” song that featured Franklin praying over Kanye. Now Kanye’s “Ultralight Prayer” song is making big waves online, as heard in the below Soundcloud audio.

It’s the same “Ultralight Prayer” that was found within the “Ultralight Beam” song that Kanye performed on SNL earlier this year.

That rendition of the “Ultralight Beam” song featured a young girl’s voice, as seen on the Twitter feed of Chance the Rapper. The “Ultralight Beam” song used the words the little girl spoke in the viral video as she prayed.

Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” song got tons of attention then on Twitter during the SNL performance, and now West is getting plenty of attention on Twitter once more, as well as on Soundcloud. West’s “Ultralight Prayer” with Franklin’s voice has gotten more than 113,000 plays within four hours.

The lyrics of the “Ultralight Prayer” are appropriate for Easter — or Resurrection Sunday as those of Kirk’s ilk would say — with Franklin praying for faith and strength and sustenance.

“Father, this prayer is for everybody who feels that they are not good enough

This prayer is for everybody that feels that they’re too messed up

For everyone who feels they’ve said I’m sorry too many times

Let ’em know that’s why You took the nails so we could have eternal life

(Just for me)

If all God’s children would get down on their knees and pray

And give up all of those things that pull our hearts away

You will forgive us of our wrongs and make us brand new again

But I won’t make it God, if You let go of my hand

That’s why we need more faith

I’m searching for You — I’m looking for more

In Your arms is where I feel safe

They’re killing our babies in the streets I call out for…

I need just a little bit more of some faith”

After Kanye told the public his new album would be a gospel album, folks weren’t too sure about that notion. They also weren’t sure about West collaborating with Kirk, who is known as a stalwart in the Christian music scene. Franklin has been around for more than 20 years, ever since his “Stomp” song thrilled those in the Christian music genre who loved the way Kirk tapped into the hip-hop music style and blended it with a gospel sound.

Not since Mahalia Jackson blended her Christian lyrics with the modern style of her time had the world of African-American Christian music experienced such a controversial and creative change. Nowadays, Christian rap is a popular style. In Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” song, the little girl’s audio being used in the song certainly sounds like it’s a song influenced by Christianity, as well as Kirk’s prayer.

“Jesus praise the Lord


We don’t want no devils in the house, God

We want the Lord, and that’s it”

On Twitter, Kanye wished everyone a Happy Easter and led them to the “Ultralight Prayer” audio. West’s tweet has received more than 23,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 18,000 times.

The real-time reactions and comments on Kanye’s “Ultralight Prayer” song can be seen on Soundcloud.

In the lyrics of the song, Kirk sings about praying for just a “mustard seed” size of faith, as noted in the Bible. Franklin asks listeners if they can’t hear the trumpet sounding. The rousing rendition of the “Ultralight Prayer” is nabbing all sorts of reactions online.

The “Ultralight Prayer” song is being called powerful, with the roaring sound of the choir winning raves, with people writing that the song gives them chills. The “Ultralight Prayer” is less than two minutes long — only one minute and 54 seconds — but it is resounding across the Internet on the Christian high holy day.

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