Hungry For Chick-fil-A But Support Gay Rights? Here’s Your Guilt-Free Solution

Chick Fil A Website Gives Big Gay Donations

Many fans of Chick-fil-A have fled the food chain in recent weeks after the company’s president made several statements against gay marriage. Other people have continued to eat at their favorite fast food chicken chain with the guilt of knowing they are supporting a business that does not necessarily align with their beliefs. Now thanks to you can support your hunger for sub-par chicken and gay rights at the same time.

The website was setup to “offset” the support of Chick-fil-A by donating money to various gay rights campaigns after eating at the restaurant.

Started by Washington, DC lawyer and activist Ted Franke the website he says started because he loves the food but not “the guilt of indirectly supporting Chick-fil-A’s stance on gay rights.”

Speaking to the Huffington Post Frank says a simple $1 offset will benefit many groups including It Gets Better and the Williams Institute.

Franks brings up a good point about the simple $1 donation, it’s a whole lot better than “depriving Christian groups of $0.0001 by boycotting Chick-fil-A.”

Since the Chick-fil-A controversy has began millions of dollars have poured into gay rights programs, in its own way Chick-fil-A by releasing an anti-gay-marriage stance has helped the gay community develop a stronger reach.

The Chick-fil-A controversy continues to rage on as we continue to wonder why a fast food chain felt it necessary to make such a comment in the first place. Not everyone feels guilty about the fast food restaurants decision to make anti-gay comments, thousands turned out on “Chick-fil-A” appreciation day to show their support for the restaurant chain.