Pitbull Raped And Brutally Hanged To Death In Washington

A pitbull was raped and murdered in Thuston County, Washington, last week.

The animal was found hanging from a tree, with its feet just out of reach of the ground, on Department of Natural Resources land. A mountain biker came across the macabre scene while cycling through the property. The pitbull had clearly died of asphyxiation from whatever contraption its killer had constructed, reported Seattle Times.

Perhaps even more horrifying than the pitbull’s ritualistic slaughter was the fact that it had been raped. At some point, while it was unable to move, “severe sexual assault” was forced upon the dog. While there are no more detailed descriptions of what exactly this rape entailed, the mere idea is bone-chilling.

Pitbull raped and hanged
A raped and murdered pitbull is setting off local animal rights activists. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Locals have been outraged by the rape and murder of the pitbull in their community. A Washington Humane Society board member donated extra funds to double the offered reward for information leading to the perpetrator’s arrest. The organization may give as much as $5,000 for tips leading to the pitbull’s killer.

Humane Society director Dan Paul remarked that the animal rights activist group had been particularly shaken by the news of the pitbull’s rape and murder, and would be doing everything in their power to get a conviction.

“This is a truly horrific situation in all aspects. To think about the suffering this dog experienced in her final moments, as well as knowing there’s an individual or individuals in our state who would perpetrate this type of abuse, is sickening. We are hopeful this reward will bring someone forward with information about this despicable crime.”

Pitbull raped and hanged
The rape and murde of a Washington pitbull is no doubt to set off activists who have sought to bring acceptance to the breed of dogs. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

FOX 61 reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate the rape of the pitbull, but Thurston County Animal Services is undertaking the brunt of the investigation. Officer Erika Johnson told reporters that whoever carried out the crime would be slammed with first-degree animal cruelty, which is a class C felony. Bestiality is also considered animal cruelty under state law, but Johnson says that it not something she often encounters.

“Something like this is not very common. This is horrific.”

Horror over the troubling story of a raped pitbull was, of course, not limited to the Washington community where it took place. Reddit users expressed shock, and sometimes violent, reactions toward whoever had carried out the twisted attack.

“Oh my god…how sick does a person have to be to do this…hope they catch them soon and torture them.”

“Hope they find the person responsible raped and hung from a tree.”

“This is really really serious and to me the police really need to look for whoever did this in the same manner they would a human being murdered.”

“I’ll take the $5,000 to put a bullet in the heads of the people responsible.”

Some also mentioned other possible motives for the raping of the pitbull outside of bestiality. In some dog fighting circles, for instance, the losing dog can be hanged following the match.

“This is the one time I wished a pit bull was vicious and had attacked and killed this perpetrator(s). Part of me thinks this was done by a budding serial rapist/murderer. The other part of me thinks this was done by someone operating a dog fighting ring. The dog was past her breeding prime or didn’t produce puppies that were good at fighting.”

“I’ve seen news stories about dogs from dog fighting rings that are hung from trees when they lose a fight. But in this particular case I bet the dog was raped with an object. No way a penis can do that much damage.”

Any tips to help catch the person who raped a pitbull and left it hanging from a tree can be directed to 360-352-2510.

[Image via Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]