Octomom’s Topless Album Cover Pays Tribute To Madonna

There was a time, oh so long ago, that Nadya Suleman, AKA the Octomom, said that she would never get naked for money… Well, in the last few months she’s filmed a porno, made her stripping debut, and posed for a topless album cover. (She will also go on a date with you if the price is right.)

The Sun reports that Suleman’s new single, called “Sexy Party,” features the mother of 14 singing and rapping alongside musician Adam Barta.

The actual single hasn’t been released yet but Barta sent out a pictures of the album cover earlier this week.

Barta writes:

“Here it is everyone! The cover you have been waiting for! Octomom — The Topless Album Cover…. So excited for our #Madonna inspired CD cover! She is a childhood idol for me too! #Octomom”

The new single was supposed to be available this August but Suleman and Barta have apparently delayed the release until September 4th. The song was produced by DJ Mr Migg and Mike Rizzo.

Here’s Octomom’s topless album cover.

octomom album cover

Do you think Octomom’s album cover is Madona-esque?

According to TMZ, the scandalous photo isn’t the only thing that was inspired by Madonna. The singer’s constant battle for “liberation” inspired Suleman to get into the music business in the first place. The crosses in the background, the rosary, and of course, the handbra, all pay homage to Madonna.

Are you excited for Octomom’s new single?