Watch CNN Republican Milwaukee Town Hall Full Replay: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Take Wife Spat To Wisconsin Voters

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz appear on the same stage for this first time since an ugly fight over their wives when CNN hosts a Republican Town Hall that will stream live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. Of course, in the Town Hall format, Trump and Cruz will not appear together on the stage, but will face host Andseron Cooper and an audience of Wisconsin voters one after the other.

Scroll down the page for a live stream of the CNN Republican Town Hall.

Ohio Governor John Kasich will also appear at the CNN Republican Town Hall. Kasich remains in the Republican presidential race, refusing to drop out even though he would need to win more than 98 percent of all remaining delegates from the 18 Republican primaries remaining to secure the party’s nomination. Kasich has won only one contest, in his home state, and holds just 144 delegates.

Kasich apparently hopes to win the nomination if Trump fails to secure the required 1,237 delegates and the nominee is picked not by primary voters but at the Republican National Convention in July.

That is why Kasich will be at best an afterthought at the CNN Republican Town Hall on Tuesday, while all eyes will be focused on frontrunner and likely nominee Donald Trump and his only remaining credible rival in the race, ultra-conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The battle between Trump and Cruz had already become highly personal, with Trump branding his rival “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” among other back-and-forth exchanges. But in the past week, the competition sank to even greater depths of ugliness in a battle over the candidates’ wives — which degenerated even further with a National Enquirer tabloid story accusing Cruz of conducting extramarital affairs with five different women.

Cruz blasted the tabloid accusations as “garbage” and “lies,” squarely accusing “Donald Trump and his henchmen” of planting the story.

Trump responded to Cruz in an interview on the ABC TV This Week program Sunday morning. Watch that interview in the video below.

To watch a full replay of the CNN Republican Town Hall on Tuesday, see the video below. The three-hour Town Hall was held at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Central on Tuesday, March 29.

The wife spat began when an independent SuperPAC that opposed Trump posted a tweet showing Trump’s wife Melania posing nude in a GQ Magazine photo spread taken years earlier.

Trump responded first by threatening on Twitter to “spill the beans” regarding Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, followed by tweet juxtaposing an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz with a studio-taken head shot of Melania Trump, a former model.

Cruz responded in anger, branding Trump a “sniveling coward” for the attack on his wife. But Cruz’s response was quickly overshadowed by the release of the National Enquirer story alleging the extramarital affairs that the supermarket tabloid claims were engaged in by Ted Cruz.

CNN Republican Milwaukee Town Hall Live Stream Anderson Cooper

Trump refused to let the distasteful controversy, again insulting Heidi Cruz in the ABC News interview, viewable above, on Sunday.

“Well, there are things about Heidi that I don’t want to talk about, but I’m not going to talk about them,” Trump told ABC. “I mean, you know, you can look, but I wouldn’t talk about them.”

Trump has frequently come under fire for his long history of derogatory and derisive remarks directed at women, once even saying in a magazine interview that women should be treated “like s**t.”

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See if Trump continued to go after Ted Cruz and Cruz’s wife Heidi, and how Cruz responds at the Tuesday CNN Town Hall which will stream live via CNN Go at this link. An alternative live stream can be found at this link.

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